The gold box update?

A list of ideas for new creates using you earned gold and help upgrade your characters.

  1. The Millon Dollar box. A create that speaks for itself and contains possibly red and purple badges .lucky yellow badges. Stamina. Small diamond collection.

2 Mickey’s treasure box. A create that helps upgrades heroes chips with chance of rare emoji to regular. Five million a box.

  1. Hooks lost creates. An option of receiving multiple treasures and collecting loot to upgrade heroes. One billion in gold.

  2. The walt vault. A rare collection of items of all kinds that costs the five billion in gold.

  3. The Giants create. A multiple variety of prizes given in random assortment to those who pay ten million in gold.

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1 and 5 billion is a lot… If your goal is to make an over priced crate that only pay 2 play players can buy, you succeeded. This would be a bad repeat of the wish crate. I’m in complete support of the other chests though. Those a more reasonable price for the amount of rewards it has.


True the amounts are high but it’s just a idea.
The various create ideas are ment to help progress all players. Idea. The. Jack Sparrow create. Various items rewarding double gifts. Tron bit create for code base bits. Monsters Inc scream creates various badges. The toy story box. Create containing toy story items .same could be said with out her various groups Aladdin creates, ducktales, Atlantis ECT.

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