The Greatest Host Ever

Ringmaster (DBX)

He’s a :microphone::microphone::microphone: midline support.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my arena, where there’s rules, no research, only bloodshed! I am Ringmaster, your announcer, your host extraordinaire for this extravaganza. And let me welcome you, to…the exhibition!!!

Bio: Bringing up the hype for this battle, Ringmaster supports the team in a exciting way.

Team: :stop_sign:


Enter: He walks in with his mic lower down in his position. When he reaches his position, he grabs his mic and does a pose.

Win: He cheers as smoke appears behind him.

Defeat: He drops the mic and does a nervous laugh.

Basic attack: See Passive


:white_circle: Extravaganza
Fantastic damage :stars:
Passive: Instead of a standard basic attack, Ringmaster talks into his microphone, grant all allies a stack of “hype”.

Each stack of “hype” increases allies 5% increase on basic attack damage and reality.

Active: Ringmaster points to the sky and fire effect appears on every side of the screen, dealing X damage to all enemies and deal X extra damage per stack of “hype” on the screen.

:green_circle: You Decide!
True damage :shield:
Ringmaster points to a random alley and a random enemy and whoever has the less heath gets the following.

Alley: Heals X hp and granting them a shield of X hp that lasts 14 seconds and they gain immunity to debuffs for 10 seconds.

Enemy: Dealt X damage and destroys any shields on that enemy and they can’t get any buffs for 10 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Super Hype
Ringmaster yells into the microphone, granting all allies 7 stacks of “hype” and cleanses all debuffs from them.

The cleansing may fail if the enemy is above level X.

:purple_circle: DBX
“Extravaganza” grants allies 10 stacks of “hype” and grant them X reality neglection.

:red_circle: The Exhibition
Each stack of “hype” increases allies’ hp by 1% and grant them X armor.


Ringmaster and Powerline
Big Competition
Allies: Pinkie Pie, Merlin, Jack Sparrow
Ringmaster needs more special effects so he asks Powerline.
Power Hype
“Extravaganza” sets enemies on fire, dealing X damage per second for 12 seconds.

Ringmaster and Boomstick
Death Race
Allies: Wiz, Michael the Cat, Bunny Cat
It’s another Death Race and there are two new employees.
Only Bloodshed
If enemies are below X hp, they are instantly K.O.ed during “You Decide!”

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