The Groundskeeper Of Springfield Elementary (Unlikely Concept 13/20)

Groundskeeper Willie, :star: :star:, Damage, Midline.
Team Trials: Blue.
Quote: “Ah, you never let Willie be Willie.”
Bio: Willie has taken the day off from mowing the lawn and raking leaves to battle.
Entrance: Willie walks onto the screen raking leaves, then takes the leaves off of the screen.
Defeat: Willie looks angry.
Basic Attack: Willie whacks an enemy with a rake, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Lawn Mower Mayhem.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Willie runs off screen and then comes back with his lawn mower, then runs over a group of enemies, dealing X damage and stunning for 6 seconds.

Green Skill: Werewolf Whack.
Normal Damage :fist:
A stampede of werewolves trample an enemy, dealing X damage and silencing that enemy.

Blue Skill: Shield Of The Groundskeeper.
Groundskeeper Willie holds up his shovel in front of him, granting him a shield that lasts for 5 seconds.

Purple Skill: Grave Digger Willie.
Willie’s white skill deals 65% more damage with a 55% more chance of a critical hit.

Red Skill: Willie Of The Night.
Willie’s green skill deals 75% more damage.
-X% more armor.
-X% more Defense for 25 seconds.
-X% more Attack for 55 seconds.

Friendship 1: Groundskeeper Willie and Principal Skinner.
Campaign Story: School Secret Agents. “Skinner has to work with Willie to find out where the uranium storage under the school is.”
Allies: Mickey, Gonzo, King Louie.

Disk: School Sickle.
Basic attack deals 65% more damage.

Friendship 2: Groundskeeper Willie and Cricket Green.

Campaign Story: Country Calamity. “Cricket went to Springfield Elementary, and he is going on a field trip with Groundskeeper Willie.”
Allies: Davy Jones, Jessie, Woody.

Disk: Big City.
Basic Attack deals knockback.

Extra Bonus:
This Kang and Kodos funko pop. Some would say it is “stellar”.

and this Homer Simpson funko pop. D’oh!

If you enjoyed this, that is good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone I like this

There is a treehouse of horror Willie funko

I know, I used it in my other Simpsons concept.

Maybe use the mr burns vampirefunko

I didn’t think of that…

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