The Holiday Meme Game 2

Welcome back to the Holiday Meme game, I’m glad to be doing this again because last year it was a success and DarthVaderVII was the winner now this year will be even good because 3 animated shows started this year on Disney Channel and Disney celebrate 100 years. If y’all are new to this game here are the rules.


I come up with a question or more from any Disney and Pixar show or movie, and if y’all get the question right, y’all will get a meme and 25 points (or more if I saw it’s worth more than 25 points) you can use the memes to get extra points but you have to post the meme you want to use. However this will be different because, I won’t just be making questions that are Disney because there will be questions from Warner Bros because they celebrated 100 years as well (and I might include Paramount content or anything that’s not Disney in the game) but most of the questions will be Disney. I’m also looking for the full title of every show and movie for the answer as well

Also there will be some polls during the game and whatever had the most votes then everyone who voted for that will get a free 10 points if anyone gets the meme that says Steal opponents points the max limit is 500

Some questions from the first game will be back

The game will start on Wednesday November 22nd because that’s when Wish hits the big screen, The Naughty Nine premieres on Disney Channel, and when Fa La La Lidays start on Disney Channel. Good luck guys and I will see y’all on Wednesday


1st @Kermit1 12708 (Bobby and Lori’s break up/Ultrameme:Black Canary/Krypton/Ultrameme: Darcy and Sasha/Ultrameme:Casey/Ultrameme:Danny Tucker Sam Jazz Kitty and Dudley/Marceline/Boiling Isles/Supermeme:Dee Dee/Chole)

2nd @Biyaya 7711

3rd @Mango_Island 5678 (Devi/Susan and Mary/Oliver and Dodger/Cinderella Charming and Max/Baymax/Vicky/Sam and Tucker/Jimmy and Betty/Hans)

4th @Mickey_Fan_2023 3364 (T.U.F.F Puppy/Sierra and Riley/Tara and Ron/Johnny and Duckey/Johnny and Sissy/Luka and Ladybug/Kid Vs Kat/Juleka/Bumblebee and Cybog/Lynn and Lincoln/Jazz/Dudley/ Carl Sheen and Jimmy/Supermeme: Luz/Boo Crew/Toralei and the Wolf’s/Sam and Cat/Aliens Kevin Hamster and Gretel/Zoey 101/Skipper Stacy and Chelsea/Cindy and Jimmy/ Marc and Nathanel/Bunsen/Juleka and Rose//Aanard/Libby and Cindy/Sam/Ellen/Dudley Puppy)

5th @Mister_Toon 295 (Peter Pan Wendy John Michael/Kim Possible/The Jetsons/Bear In The Big Blue House/Rapunzel’s hair cut/Lumps and Slinkman/Chowder and Panini)
6th @DarthVaderVII 200
7th @AgentJake 170 (Jordan/Young Scooby Gang/Scooby Gang/Timmy/Grace Goodwin/Boo and Sully/Dory)
8th @Evil_Momo_LVII 77(Belle and Beast/Gonzo/)
9th Marshy16 65 (The Emoji Movie)
10th JediAshoka1 25 (Clod)
11th ALDT 10
12th Queen_Stitch_LXXVII 10
13th Taylor 10
14th @EmperorKuzco 0 (Luca/Meilin Lee/Rapunzel and Flynn)
15th @RexRowanMan182 0 (Batman/Della/Baymax/Ariel)


The game will start in a couple hours and don’t miss The Naughty Nine tonight at 8 after Ratatouille on Disney Channel and as of today Wish is now playing in the theaters and Fa-La-La Lidays has started on Disney Channel

This Disney Animated show was about a Barbarian who may be strong but sometimes scared

Dave the Barbarian?

Correct you get 25 points

When I see Spaceship Earth is a walk on

If you want to use the meme you gotta post it

When I see Spaceship Earth is a walk on

There we go you get 15 extra points

Who is the mascot of Disney

Wait don’t answer that question

Mickey Mouse :thinking:

Correct you get 25 points sorry about the question I posted lately because I was saving it for later

In the Duck the Halls special where he was recalling his days as a young lad

I like that and you get 35 extra points for that

Huey Dewey and Louie are the nephews of?

Donald Duck

Correct you get 25 points

[quote=“Ozi_swag, post:20, topic:2160305”]

Louie’s Eleven as a whole, also I like how you used that segment from the first episode with the Talespin reference.

That was one of my favorite episodes of season 3 and because of that you get extra 35 points

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