The Holiday Meme game

So since It’s the holiday season I decided to do a game and the game is Guess the show movie or character from any Disney,Pixar, show, movie, Disney Channel live action star or Episode of that show along with a line from any of them shows.

The Rules are I come up with a question or two, and whoever get it right will get not just 25 point but the show/character/movie with a meme telling if they can decide if they want to. (For example a meme will say trade or keep or Swap someone’s card you decided it may also say you get bonus points) You can use the memes if you want but you have to post them if your using it with the answer because if they don’t then they will get less points and if you fix it you will get a tiny bit of points. Whoever uses someone’s meme when it’s not theirs will lose points. But if the person gets more than one question I post on the same day right will get another 25 points with more meme cards saying something fell free to do what it says.

Also question will be with the same character but with something different and 50 points if there are 2 answers or if I decide. If it’s questions with explanation you only get one try

Good Luck and let the Game begin

1st DarthVaderVII 2370(/Tara/Paige and Frankie/chick hicks/Dijonay/Huntsgirl/Anne Luz and Molly/Todd and Riley/Elastigirl/Lighting McQueen/Cass/Zombies/Bill and Nancy/)

2nd Captain C 2090 That’s so Raven/The emperors new school/Crash and Bernstein/proud snacks/Melissa/Gus/Anne and Sprig,Marrent and Adrien/)

3rd Sra Malevola 1483 (Namaari/Flynn and Rapunzel Luz and Amity/Rose/Willow and Amity)

4th Spark 1375 (Kick/Penny F/Lottie/Aladdin/Hercules/Scar/Zendaya/FlynnBrandy/Phineas and Ferb/Rose/Riley/Major Monogram/Candace and PB/Doofenshmertz/Luxo ball/Kim Possible/Hunter/Hamm/Gil and Nemo/Amity/Lumity/blush Amity)
5th A Random guy VIII 212 (Goofy/Hero’s Duty/Treasure planet/Animal/Addison)
6th DameRay 185 (Rex/Candace)
7th Agent Jake 175 (anna and Hans/Selena Gomez/Mulan/Lady and the Tramp/Magic carpet/Tinkerbell, Jetix,Toon Disney)
8th Rosenwynn 40 (Molly and Libby)


Sounds fun! When will you start asking questions?

I’m in a meeting I’ll start later

I can start with one

This Princess was the first Disney Princess
In a film Who is it?

Snow white. I’m pretty sure.

You get 25 points Darth Vador

You can use the meme or save it (you can steal someone else meme if they ask you to trade and you can trade with someone)

These girls were the girls of Disney channel back in the 2000’s One of these girls last name dosen’t start with the Letter P who is it?


I’m guessing the third one because I have no idea, but I know it’s not the first two (Kim Possible and whatshername Pride or Proud or something) and I will use the meme.

You are Correct Darth Vador and her name is Brandy Harrington from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
Here is 25 points

I would argue that it’s not Snow White. She’s the first princess in a feature-length film, but not the first princess.

There fix but let’s keep going on this game

Kick Buttowski’s real name is?


Correct you get 25 points

Which Pixar Character is an expert at funny?

Mike wazowski?

Correct you get 25 points

Which show was Raven’s first live action show before we saw her again?

As in that’s so raven?

Correct Caption C you get 25 points

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