The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Quasimodo Character Concept)


Role: Tank

Position: Front

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :star: :star: :star:

“All my life you’ve told me the world is a dark, cruel place! But now I see the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you!”

This hunchback offer sanctuary to his allies as he protects them from the forces of evils that seeks to oppress them.

Entrance: Swing in on a rope

Victory: raises his arms in victory

Defeat: Covers his face in shame

Basic Attack: Swing a torch

White Skill: Whom the Bells Toll (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:) Quasimodo pulls a rope that rings the bells. The sound of the bells causes enemies to receive X damage and silences them for 8 seconds

The silence is less effective against enemies that are less than level Y

Green Skill: Burning Salvation (Normal Damage :fist:): Quasimodo throws a burning stake at enemies dealings X damage and stunning them for 6 seconds

The stun is less effective against enemies that are less than level Y

Blue Skill: Molten Justice: (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:): Quasimodo tips over a cauldron over molten lead and deals enemies X damage for a span of 6 seconds

Purple Skill: Sanctuary: At the beginning of each wave, a shield is given to the ally with the least skill power protecting them from X damage.

Red Skill: Heaven’s Light: When Quasimodo performs Whom the Bells Toll, all debuffs from your team are cleared off and protect them from any debuffs for 8 seconds.

Debuff protection is less effective towards allies less than level Y

Z Max HP
Z Sheild HP
X damage to Burning Salvation

The Beast


Campaign: Beauty from Within: Despite the fact that he’s no longer under Frollo’s toxic influence, Quasimodo is still a little self-conscious about his… unique appearance and afraid of being considered a monster because of it. But it soon changed when he runs into a chimera-like creature who was once a prince that was put under an enchantment and also a bit self-conscious himself. Instead of being repulsed by his appearance, Beat sees him for the kind and gentle soul that he is just learning from personal experience that beauty is found from within. With a friendship forged, Beast and Quasi journey across the city to find the true meaning of beauty.

Disk: Inner Beauty

Star Power: Sanctuary gives Z time for one of any buff that an ally might have

Disk Power: Z Reality, Z Tenacity



Campaign: Out There: Now the Quasimodo is free to go in and out of the bell tower, he cannot wait to see all the sight that this new city has to offer. Rapunzel, knowing a thing or two about locked in a tower and sharing the hunchback’s exuberance, decide to act as a guide. Together, they visit all the sights and experience everything there is to experience with a creep horde or two put the fun to a halt every now and then

Disk: My Life Begins

Star Power: Whom the Bells Toll heals the weakest support ally giving them Z HP

Level Power: Z HP Regain for tank heroes

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