The Invisible Marksman

Camo Ranger


“Sure it’s a hassle losing my gun when I putting it down, but I’ve gotten used to it at this point. Even my friends lose me when I wander off.”

He’s all that you can’t see. As one of the top hunters in the Z-Tech arsenal, Camo Ranger excels at taking down enemies from a distance.

Stars: :star: :star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Appears from a bush
Victory: Tosses gun in the air and catches it
Defeat: Drops gun down and scratches head in confusion
Attack: Shoots from his gun

White Skill: Camo Surprise (Fantastic Damage)
Passive: Every 12 seconds, Camo Ranger becomes invisible for 6 seconds. Camo Ranger’s basic attacks deal Fantastic Damage instead of Normal Damage.

Active: Camo Ranger fires a missile from his ZPG at the middle most enemy, dealing X normal damage to them and surrounding enemies, and knocking back the initial target.

Green Skill: Super Stink Cloud (Fantastic Damage)
Camo Ranger throws a stink cloud into the fray, dealing X damage over 12 seconds and blinding enemies for 9 seconds.

Blue Skill: Penetration Power (Fantastic Damage)
Camo Ranger fires a powerful penetrating shot at the “Most Wanted” enemy, dealing X damage to them and stunning them for 7 seconds, Y damage to enemies between Camo Ranger and the “Most Wanted” enemy, and removing X reality from enemies damaged.

The enemy dealing the most damage is given the “Most Wanted” status.

Purple Skill: Marksman Mastery
Every 3 basic attacks, Camo Ranger gains Z basic damage. Allies gain 50% of the basic damage Camo Ranger gains.

This effect is reduced on allies above level Z.

Red Skill: Art Of Camouflage
Each time Camo Ranger or his allies become invisible, they gain 25% attack speed while invisible, up to 200%. This is buff carried from wave to wave.

Camo Ranger is also precise for the entire fight. When he damages an invisible enemy, he gains Z skill power.

The attack speed has a chance to fail if Camo Ranger or his allies are above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Reality
+X Max HP
+X Damage to “Super Stink Cloud”

Friendship Disks:

Camo Ranger-Violet
Invisible Intellects
Precise Heroes Attack Faster
+Z Damage to “Penetration Power”
+Z Basic Damage
• The attack speeds of Precise allies are increased by 15% (+15 per star level)

Camo Ranger-Calhoun
Tactical Training
Less Effective Enemy Buffs
+Z Armor to Camo Ranger and Damage role allies
+Z Skill Power
• Armor and Reality buffs on enemies grant 6% (+6 per star level) less armor and reality.

X=Skill Power
Y=Basic Damage
Z=Level Dependent

Requirement to Charge: 3 Enemies are Blinded
Stat Buff: +Z Basic Damage
Lineup Based Stat Buff: +Z Armor per Control role hero
Effect Buff: 4 Stacks of Hardy

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