The loud house luan

Description this Loud prankster always ready to prank on enemies telling jokes and laughing

Quote I’d say this prank’s a little over your head

Role Control

Trail Yellow


White skill Spider run Luan pulls out her rubber spider and scares the enemies run through dealing damage and knocks them back

Green skill Laughing heal Luan laugh healing herself and Slience enemies for 7.0 seconds

Blue skill confused remover Whenever Luna get a debuff she confused removing all debuffs

Purple skill Power prank Luan gives extra basic damage when using confused remover

Friendship campaign telling jokes
Luna pranks on Anger who thinks was prank but was not funny she is making fun of him

Alias Sadness Aurora Bolt





Campaign prankster food Colette cooks soup but out of nowhere Luan arrives pranks the soup but Colette didn’t not like so Luna follow her

Alias Disgust GOGO Snow white

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