The Master of Two Dimensions

Guess who’s back? It’s Tragic Magic, back again with another concept! This time it’s the oldest smash bro’s character and my personal favorite, Mr Game and Watch! Hope you like it!

Mr Game and Watch

Bio: The master of two dimensions, Mr Game and Watch uses his tools to give his enemies a game over.
Quote: “Beep”
Star Level: :star::star::star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Drops in by parachute
Victory: Rings Bell
Defeat: Sits down to rest
Attack: Uses Torch

White Skill: Chef (Normal Damage)
Mr game and watch pulls out a frying pan and tosses food at enemies, dealing XXXXX damage, and burns them for 3 seconds.

Burned enemies take XXXX damage per second.

Green Skill: Judge (TRUE Damage)
Mr Game and Watch attacks with his hammer at the front most enemy and holds up a card with a number on it. Each number indicates how powerful the attack is, up to XXXXXX damage, and each number has a different effect. The damage dealt by this skill varies as each number increases

1-Deals weak damage to MGaW
2-4 Deals Normal Damage
5-Stuns the enemy for 4 seconds
6-Burns the enemy for 4 seconds, dealing the same amount damage over time
7-Heals MGaW for 30% of his Max HP
8-Freezes the enemy for 4 seconds.
9-Instantly KO’s the enemy.

True damage ignores armor and reality. The effects are reduced against enemies above level XX.

Blue Skill: Oil Panic (Normal Damage)
Mr Game and Watch absorbs an incoming projectile, and can store up to XXXXX damage. Once it reaches full capacity, he spills oil on the three closest enemies, dealing all the damaged stored. This resets his storage.

“Oil Panic” can carry between waves. The chance to absorb projectile is reduced against projectiles from enemies above level XX.

Purple Skill: Level Up
Enemies damaged by “Oil Panic” are stunned for 5 seconds if they have they’re above 20% of their Max HP

The effect is reduced against enemies above level XX.

Red Skill: Juggle
Mr Game and Watch deflects all projectiles while using “Chef”.

“Oil Panic” now absorbs disables and enemy basic attacks. “Oil Panic” can store 100% more damage.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+XXXXX Armor
+XXXXX Basic Damage

Friendship Disks:

Wall-e (155)
Hardware Upgrades
Stun Dodging Enemies
• +XX% Tentiacy
• “Oil Panic” deals XXXXX more damage to Tank and Support role enemies.
• Whenever an enemy dodges damage or disables, they are stunned for X second(s).

Linguini and Remy (160)
Cook Up A Fight
More Damage Over Time
• +XXXXX Reality
• “Judge” and “Oil Panic” deals XXXXX damage to enemies for 5 seconds.

Upcoming Concepts:
My own concept! (Arriving in June 3rd, the day my DHBM account was created)

Before I continue on making the next concepts, Im wondering if you all are familiar with the characters that were on the poll that I made a few days ago. I want to make sure I make a concept that you all aren’t confused about. This is the poll. Feedback on this concept is appreciated!


So, what do you think of this concept?

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10/10. Great concept

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