The Mickey-verse (Mickey shorts timeline)

Welcome, it may not be today, tomorrow, and it definitely isn’t the day after that but Mickey’s birthday is coming up and I figured I would do something special. This is a timeline, a timeline of classic Mickey shorts. From steamboat willie to whalers, the puzzle was sorted through, then it was solved, then it was burned then the ashes were put together Again and the timeline was made. Mickey warms all our hearts (except for people who don’t like him you obviously don’t have a heart). Anyways enjoy, I will possibly update this, idk but this took a lot of time and effort so do enjoy😁

Early era

    1. Steamboat willie
      Mickey gets a job as a sailor on Pete’s steamboat and is forced to peel potatoes and do all the heavy work. After months of his under paying job he meets a female mouse named Minnie. They fall for each other and Mickey then quits his job to peruse love
    1. Mickey’s rival
      Years later Mickey and Minnie are on a Pick nick but mortimer, minnie’s Ex Who was the reason she met Mickey since she ran to the steamboat. Mortimer believed Minnie brought bad luck with her, And when the bull attacked them (due to his own idiocy). He then runs off And was literally never seen again until later
    1. Mickey’s service station
      Mickey starts his own business, a service station to fix cars. He then recruits two Men, a unintelligible duck named Donald, and a klutz of a dog named goofy. They worked for a long time and one day Mickey’s old boss named pete showed up for them to fix his car, they didn’t succeed and they went out of business, the three did keep in contact though.

Travel era

    1. Mr. Mouse takes a trip
      Mickey and his pals are taking a trip so Mickey and pluto need to get to the plane by train. They do so but Pete is there, and he isn’t messing around this time. He Succeeded but Mickey and pluto do as well as they are in their destination ready for a trip.
    1. Hawaiian holiday
      Mickey, Donald, goofy, Minnie, and pluto make it to their first destination, Hawaii. They have a fun time there but after two or three days they head to their second destination
    1. Mickey down under
      Mickey and pluto decide to Go in the Forrest, the unsuspecting pluto is driven crazy with a boomerang. The short then takes it’s course with Mickey and the emu and pluto. They then head back home.

The Ajax era

    1. Clock cleaners
      Mickey, Donald, and goofy are currently unemployed and they need to start saving for something big (see boat era). They find a job as clock cleaners and decide to take up the job, but antics ensue and they are fired.
    1. Baggage buster (goofy short)
      After being fired from the clock tower all three get jobs, but they are separate. Goofy gets one as train worker, but not on the train, on the platform. After Two weeks on the job he was fired for breaking into a magicians baggage
    1. Magician Mickey
      Mickey (Who was the magician from the last short) is putting on a magic show, but Donald (whose part time job is a heckler). Goofy also works for mic now because Mickey didn’t want to see him fail.
    1. Lonesome ghosts
      The tiro reunite as ghost hunters. They get a call from the old McShiver mansion saying they have ghosts and need them out, the trio defeat the pesky poltergeists and set up shop in the mansion. They then decide to sell the property when they realized how much the land was worth.

    Boat era

    1. Boat builders
      The three buy a ready cut build you own Boat kit from the folding boat company. The built it, but they don’t build it well. In the end they needed help from the boat company to finish it, they accept and the queen Minnie is finished. But Minnie ironically destroyed the Queen Minnie.
    1. Tugboat Mickey
      Mickey, Donald, and goofy decide to give it another go and become tugboat sailors. They get a call And decide to head out, but Donald and goofy blow up the boat. Donald is heavily injured int he incident as the intoxicated seagulls crashes into him. Donald is flown off into Mexico and goes under the alias don Donald.
    1. Don Donald
      Donald falls for Donna duck but she has gone through with him to much. Donna was done with him so she threw a fit until don appeased her. Until she rode off, Donald decided to head back to America and so he did.
    1. The whoopee party
      After hearing of Donald coming back and making their dreams come true, Mickey, Minnie, goofy, Horace, and Clarabelle decide to throw a party for him, but didn’t realize that he would come the next day.
    1. The whalers
      The three set out On their final adventure, where they get a boat and decide To hunt a whale. They do but they fail, but they all split on goofy’s idiocy by thinking that the whale must have shrunk

The aftermath era

    1. Modern inventions (Donald short)
      Donald Visits a museum where there are many inventions that help people and gets annoyed by a robot butler and multiple others. He requests for the museum to take out the butler and they put it in storage, little do they know this bot will be the main villain of this era.
    1. Mickeys trailer
      Mickey buys a invention from the museum when they were having an auction, but the robot butler was demolished and was used as the main structure of the trailer. Mickey invites Donald to stay in a town with him in the trailer since minnie dumped him for buying it. Goofy is in the town and joins them and the three all apologize for what happened on the boat. They go on a trip but the butler knows Donald is in there and makes the trip and mechanical nightmare.
    1. Moving day
      The trio dispose of the trailer by melting it, this will be discussed later. Donald and Mickey move into a home in the town next to the previous town where they pay rent to live there, they don’t pay rent though and Pete’s step brother, the sheriff, arrives to get them out. Goofy, who now sells ice, helps get out their stuff and leave to move again. They succeed and move far away
    1. Mickey’s delayed date
      Mickey and Minnie start a fresh relationship but Mickey is a little late to get to the date so pluto must help him. They get to the date and Mickey and Minnie fall for each other again
    1. The plastics inventor (Donald short)
      Donald tries to build a plane out of plastic (a.k.a the melted remains of the butler) he finishes the plane and takes it for a fly but it rains and the butler plane melts and crashes into a pie and Donald uses it to turn it into a plastic trailer
    1. Trailer horn (Donald/Chip ‘n’ dale short)
      Donald takes out the new plastic trailer out for a spin and visits a trailer park. His stay however is interrupted by chip and dale, the trailer is destroyed and Donald leaves the park.

The era that can go anywhere

  • The moose hunters
    The trio decide to hunt moose, two to be exact, though the plans go awry when the moose figure out the plot. This takes place before the whalers, after Mickey’s service station. If I were to say where this takes place I would probably say after clock cleaners or during the travel era.
  • Society dog show
    Mickey and pluto enter a dog show, but pluto is distracted by a beautiful dog name fifi the peke. The entire building burns to the ground while pluto rescues fifi from the canine jaws of death (get it). This would happen Sometime between travel era and the Ajax era.
  • Mickey and the seal
    Mickey visits a local zoo and feeds some seal some fish (The rule don’t feed the animals doesn’t apply to seals evidently) and one named salty is obsessed with fish and enters Mickey’s bag. They go home, pluto is suspicious, he finds salty and Mickey takes a bath and kicks pluto out. Mickey finds the seal in the bath And takes Him back to the zoo. When Mickey and pluto return home all the seals are in him bath Tub while salty swims in the shower.

And that is my theory on the chronological order of some Mickey/Donald/goofy/chip ‘n’ dale shorts. Anyway if you want me to make some changes to this I can, this isn’t official it’s only a theory.


Also yes I realize this is kinda dark but I made it that way because it wouldn’t work any other way

The best and truest quote of all time


I may Add two or three new eras, when I’m back on my main account I will make a wiki so you can request eras

Here is where you can request a new era and the shorts that go in it, here is an example of what your response should look like:

  • goof-pocalypse era (How to play baseball, how to ski, how to fish, hockey homicide, tennis racquet, and other goofy sports shorts) @say_name_here

    Era requests here

Sorry for the revive but tomorrow is Mickey’s birthday, I’ll be back tomorrow with a new era

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