The more unsung classics

Maybe reintroducing some characters gives the art appreciation more credit and throws more unpredictability. There are many characters I’d like to see but none more so than classics.

  1. Humphrey bear

Ludwig von drake, Morris the midget moose. Icahbod crane., headless horseman, Thaddeus toad. Bootle beatles ,Ajax the terrible Gorilla ,witch hazel. What others do feel need recognition?

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Also the black cauldron characters and gummi bears.


I would also like to see Gummi Bears characters added like Princess Calla, Gruffi, and Zummi. Particularly Zummi. The Horned King from The Black Cauldron would be very interesting to see.

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That would be a neat addition.

Adding the gummi bears would be great! I remember watching that In my childhood!

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All of these are interesting suggestions. As for unsung classic characters I’d like in the game…

  • Will Vandom
  • Victor Frankenstein and Sparky
  • Franny Robinson
  • Paige (Tron: Uprising)
  • Dave The Barbarian
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