The Most Wonderful Time! (For Patch Note Predictions)

Welcome All! Here Is The Most Logical Predictions For The Next Patch Notes! And Spoilers Ahead! :stop_sign::shushing_face::sweat_smile:


So The Next Update Is 99% Update 1.14! This Includes Things We Already Know About This Update, And Few Predictions


So Based On Official Confirmation By @Polaris And The Wakkatu Site (Link Found Here)
We Know That Megavolt Is Coming To Disney Heroes! His Entire Skill Set And, His Friendship With Zurg Is Found At The Link! He Is Ready to go, He Is 90% Likely To come next update! :grin::bulb:


So Based On Portrait Leaks Leaks On Launchpad He Might Be Coming In The Next Update, If You have not seen his image here ya go…

Do you think launcpad will have friendship with darkwing duck ? Since he is darkwing s sidekick

Probably DW,and HD&L

How do you know this?

I found it in his file, while checking the game files

Can you… post it? (Please)

Or in a PM

Post this please

And Scrooge?

This was only predictions for 1.14

Scrooge isn’t impossible either if Launchpad is in your prediction :man_shrugging:

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