The Newest Official Disney Princess

Well it’s official, Raya has been officially crowned as the thirteenth official Disney Princess. Raya is a rare one because unlike her predecessors, she is more grim and gritty rather than sunny and opptimistic and being the second to hail from a non-musical along with Merida.

Let’s give a big hand to our newest official princess: Raya of Kumandra.


Huh. Not that it really matters to me, but now I’m wondering when PerBlue will be able to add her to the Princess Collection in the game.

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Source material?

Also did you just forgot that Mulan is there right? Unless I’m outdated she was presented at least in Wreck It Ralph 2



Congratulations Raya🎉

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Congratulations to Raya!

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After seeing this evidence I only have one thing left to do…

@Nugget (When you return from the weekend) can the team check this out and what’s going to be the situation of Raya about the Princess collection?

I guess Raya will be added to the Princess collection with the next update. Good for her.

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Yaayyyyyy nice Raya! She is one of my favs bcs she is just so different from the others!

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Será que algum dia eles vão colocar a princesa Star Borboleta também? ela o marco, toff, ludo, tem muitos que entrariam perfeitamente

Too bad she and her movie are terrible.

But then again, so is Pocahontas, so eh.

Oh geez…which is worse, I wonder? They’re both pretty awful…

Still waiting on Alice to be princess

She never was one… or anything related to it.

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I knew Raya was gonna be one of the Disney Princess well she’s not really a Princess just like Mulan and Moana

But she is good in the game in fact whenever it’s the Red Team hero’s week for the Invasion, I always use everyone from her movie and that’s how I unlocked all the prizes for the red team

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Since we heard that Raya has been announced the newest Disney Princess, does this mean she’s gonna be added to the Princess collection? @Nugget

We’re excited for the new addition to the list of Official Disney Princesses in Disney Parks, but we have to wait for official approval from Disney to use her that way in the game!


Ok I’ll wait to see what’ll happen

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