The next surprise

So I think it would be cool if dhbm did something a bit unexpected and grabbed a really obscure character and put them in the game. Such characters could be from the brave little toaster, comic book characters such as chief o’hara or the blot, Oswald the lucky rabbit, or even someone from the classic shorts like Toby tortoise. I just get a bit tired seeing the exact same characters all the time and the most obscure just get forgotten. This isn’t meant to hate on fan favourites it’s just that I like to get surprised.

You can even go in the comments and talk about who you think would be a surprising addition.




Maybe Johnny Appleseed? (Apologies if I got the name wrong)


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Say what? Could you please specify

They were being rude to someone
Then they decided to edit it so it made seem like they weren’t being rude at all.

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