The nice crazy and random fun chat

Hello welcome to the chat basically just talk about whatever you want just no bullying being mean and stuff like that etc jus have fun and talk a lot about the game of other things in life

This is great, but you already made a topic and this is getting close to spam :slight_smile:
Keep it to one topic please

Oh yeah sorry about that I usally don’t make any topics but I am bored and waiting for the update to come on my device but I will stop posting new topics

Boring chat…

Try to not make topics everyday. It can come across as spamming and, sadly, it can make some users report you!! Try to make it so you are posting one topic every couple of days. This will make a better impression!! Thanks!!

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Ok I wont!!! Just plz stop telling me this I will stop!!!

I’m not mad at all, and I am sure now one is!! It’s just for your and everyone’s enjoyment!!

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Oh mistakes happen btw crazy in the name doesn’t mean you have to be crazy or what I meant crazy in fun

Got it!! :+1::+1:

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I ain’t a crazy person myself lol

Just a name lol


Hello people how is everybody doing today?

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