The One and Only’s Hero Concept Collection

I stand corrected.

BIG NEWS! In the future, I will be releasing four hero concepts together in two separate topics. The heroes are listed above in my hero concept library and will remain a surprise until further notice.

This decision does not effect how I will release hero concepts in the foreseeable future, as I will continue to release singular concepts every now and then, although I find the idea of releasing two-in-one concepts (and doubling down on my hard work) intriguing.

Kind regards,


The one and only will you do any more hero concepts like maybe some soul characters or cars of just characters in general you’re truley CEOFDRIP

I have a request. Can you do Splat and Ethan from Strange world as a duo charactet

Wow! That great a heroes concept!

Taylor is you.

No, am special is me Terzore I can’t making heroes concept. Can’t you look my concept?

No thank you I already looked at the concepts. But this isn’t the place to promote you’re concepts. Also You are reving dead topics which is against the rules on here.

Oh sorry am worry too hard to heroes concept.

Thank you for understanding.

Okay go to me I checked what wrong my skills.

Do you no a, blue archives?

I mean, it’s hard to really call a concept collection “dead” if the person who made it is still making concepts and putting them here.

Sometimes, reviving a “dead” topic is okay, but it heavily depends on what the topic is and why it’s being revived.

If they’re just complimenting the person on their concepts, I think that’s alright.


Ah!!! Makes sense I apologise for all of that.

3 day you said okay👌

You ever try finding new character concepts from lilo and stitch

Jumba did 627 experiments and yet only angel and stitch got in the game

(Not saying you don’t have to do concepts from every experiment, but would be nice to see more characters from lilo and stitch mentioned)

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See previous statement.

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Then how do you explain angel from kilo and stitch the tv series

I didn’t make the game.

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Buddy can you do Ethan and splat soon?

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