The One and Only’s Hero Concept Collection

Welcome to @the_One_and_Only1’s hero concept library! Here, you can explore all the hero concepts I have made since March 2021. Since I have never done something like this before and have instead made polls suggesting which hero you wanted to see, forgive me if the library organization is a little sloppy.

Below is all the heroes sorted by their roles (Damage, Control, Support, & Tank), and in the order in which they were made. The upcoming heroes have not yet been assigned roles, and are instead sorted by their film, TV show, and game titles alphabetically. As I make more concepts, I will be updating the library and filling you in on what I could be working on next.

Existing Hero Concepts:

Upcoming Hero Concepts:

  • A Bug’s Life
    — Francis & Slim —
    — Dot & Dim —
  • Club Penguin
    — Cadence —
    — Herbert —
    — Sensei —
    — Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal —
  • DuckTales
    — Daisy Duck —
  • Phineas and Ferb
    — Phineas Flynn —
    — Ferb Fletcher —
    — Dr. Doofenshmirtz —
  • Sky High
    — Ethan —
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
    — Grumpy —
  • the Owl House
    — Eda —
    — Luz Noceda & King —
  • the Rocketeer
    — Peevy —
  • WALL-E
    — AUTO & GO-4 —

…and tons more to follow!


Hmm, looks pretty good. I would love to see M-O, Dawn Bellwether, Forky, Mater, Cruz, Luca & Alberto, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy… Oh…that would be funny and awesome!!:grin::laughing::joy:

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I hope for kovu and kiara as adult.

Sadly, I don’t do characters from direct-to-DVD sequels.

oh okay.
and why not?

I just don’t think characters from non-canon events in Disney franchises deserve involvement.

oh right i get it.

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