The One and Only’s Hero Concept Collection

Welcome to @the_One_and_Only1’s hero concept library! Here, you can explore all the hero concepts I have made since March 2021.

Below, the heroes’ film, TV show, and game franchise titles are sorted alphabetically, while the heroes themselves are sorted in the order of their release, with their roles neighboring the concept titles. The upcoming hero concepts are also listed with the existing hero concepts, but until the concept is officially made, they will have an (Upcoming) next to the titles.

As I make more concepts, I will be updating the library and filling you in on what I could be working on next.

Hero Concepts:

…and tons more to follow!


Hmm, looks pretty good. I would love to see M-O, Dawn Bellwether, Forky, Mater, Cruz, Luca & Alberto, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy… Oh…that would be funny and awesome!!:grin::laughing::joy:

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I hope for kovu and kiara as adult.

Sadly, I don’t do characters from direct-to-DVD sequels.

oh okay.
and why not?

I just don’t think characters from non-canon events in Disney franchises deserve involvement.

oh right i get it.

Given the fact that the organization of this concept library is proving itself to be both tedious and all-over-the-place, I will be changing the setup shortly. I do not yet know how or in what way it will change, but rest assured, this is the right decision.

I been waiting for a month please give us auto and go 4

I have a request can you make lunarius from ducktales 2017 the main antagonist of season 2.

Frank walker says upcoming can you fix that

The brave little toaster, gazelle wow I bet that gazelle will be a support and involve a backup dancer

100 concepts down, baby!!


Thank you all so much for supporting me and educating me on designing all of these concepts, and I look forward to seeing what the future of hero concept design will hold!

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