The Overcorrection of Baymax

Now, I was a main of Baymax since before his refresh, I used him alongside Animal as a way to handle Mary before I had maxed out Mad Hatter’s red skill. His Olaf disk was a useful way to buy me a few more seconds at the start of a match and while his shields couldn’t really hold up against the very glass-cannon heavy nature of most newer heroes, he at least did well in the niche he found himself in…

…Now he’s just utterly broken. He’s entry damage makes him an almost guaranteed insta-kill without the likes of T&P or Shank to protect the team and his shield’s have gone from “spare you from a hit or two” to “basically impossible to break with damage”

That last bit just adds insult to injury, by the way. Don’t get me wrong, I figured he could use a boost, but this was such a ridiculous overstep because it essentially made him Zeus, then Zeus himself got nerfed to the point of being kinda useless from a damage perspective.

And honestly? I’d have been fine with Baymax’s entry being that tough… if it wasn’t for the now hypercharged shields. Why? because there would have been a risk/reward to using him. If he had his pre-refresh shield, it’d be a case of “Yeah, he’ll hit like a truck, but someone like Dash would tear the team apart if he survives the hit.”

And now I’ve learnt that Elsa has gained a rather insane boost to her white skill. As in can overpower Baymax’s shield, T&P AND a fully purple modded Joy.
Is this going to be the new trend? That each new round of patch heroes, one of them, seemingly at random, is going to become so ridiculously powerful that you’d have to be stupid not to build them?


I understand your frustration, seeing your best hero suddenly not work in what before was one of his best scenarios, but Baymax really isn’t that much of an issue in general

His entrance is strong but there’s a decent amount of ways around it. Shank is the best ofc but still

As for the shields… pretty much anyone that doesn’t crit won’t struggle with Baymax
The new Scrooge melts his shields for example
Darkwing just blocks the shields and kills him as usual
There are ways to do it, I guess not Dash but it’s not this uncounterable


This topic should be called instead The Overreaction of Mine.
Just nonsense about nonsense.

Amazing, you just explained he needed this refresh badly.

And you only figured 2 heroes to deal with it? Then it’s not game’s problem.

You could also know, that each newer set of refreshes will increase number of counters for anything, including Baymax.

Wow, if only there was a buff or passive to increase Skill Power. How silly there isn’t any excluding +30 already existing ones.

And his red skill is still same, and this is the main reason he is OP. Which still has no counters! But whatever, I guess.

1, he had too good, Dash caused shields to act as debuffs making heroes die in no time. Shields were literally useless for years.
2, there’s a lot more ways to remove and punish shielded enemies. DW, 22, Aurora, Megavolt, Triton…
3. Quasimodo.

Oh, no! She has no evasion, barely any crit, and pretty much needs freezes which are easy to counter.
That lack of crit, you can take advantage against Baymax if you so need that.

T&P just aren’t that good, it’s only purple skill, and Joy, that reality isn’t as impressive as other support heroes which simply do more.
Btw, their red skills don’t work.

For like 4 years people complained about the balance, now PB is finally working on that, and what? Complaints.
At this rate PB will ditch the refreshes due to this. :clap:


You know, I’m willing to acknowledge the first few points.
Yes. Baymax needed a decent buff, not disputing that. I’m just saying it went too far.
T&P and Shank don’t even counter him. They just make everyone survive. Which is pointless if the team can’t then break through the shields.
Yes, Zeus’ red skill is unchanged. PB couldn’t even actually address Zeus’ most problematic element. My point there was essentially that fantastic damage lost it’s equivalent to C&D in the name of “balance” right after giving us a second C&D.
I used Dash as an example, mostly cause he’s me favourite character. So yeah, I’ll admit there’s a degree of frustration purely due to the fact my main is less viable but you know what? Even before that Dash didn’t made shields useless. He couldn’t. The likes of T&P and Fear existed. There was a point where the combination of Fear and Slink made a team basically unbeatable from crits. My point stands. Pretty much any character dealing damage worth did so BY critting.
On THAT note, That’s why T&P was and IS a staple defending hero. And you’re gonna have to point me in the direction of a support that can offer the equivalent of 824,565,500 reality right off the bat. (though, fair dos to Phal. Did not see that Elsa’s reality negation is literally above 200 the current max level, which does explain that.) Both their red skills DO work, it’s just some bypass Joy’s for some baffling reason.
And finally, THIS DOES NOT RESOLVE ANY OF THE BALANCE ISSUES. It just takes one hero that was mid and puts him on the high end. He doesn’t even offer anything particularly new there, he just now replaces Zeus as the entry punch.


Yeah but the shields themselves CAN be broken through. They’re not even constantly active, but not critting just makes it easier (which is why Elsa in your example won easily. She ignores all reality, so Joy did nothing, and Timon by blocking the crit helped her if anything)

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Nothing went too far.

They do.

or instead, just block and destroy them.

DW and Triton are effective in this. 22 removes all buffs and applies 15 stacks of fatigue, so hardly ever these enemies will gain any buffs.

yeah, doesn’t work.

Joy doesn’t make buffs un-removable.
And Timon’s red skill doesn’t protect against crits, which is the whole point of Hakuna Matata.
Doesn’t make them useless, but the whole point of their red skills is thrown out of a window, and it doesn’t look like pb will fix it.

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Pulling a single basic attack:

This Scrooge isn’t mine, mine is FAR from maxed but he can still destroy Baymax, just with some more time

And there are a lot like this
I understand you might not have any of these heroes built but there are multiple ways to do it.
My Darkwing can literally solo some Baymax lines

Use skill power buffs if the non crit damage isn’t enough (altough this Scrooge in the pic doesn’t pretty much, only Jim’s tiny one)

I hope this helps, it wasn’t meant just to criticize :sweat_smile:

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