The party of the invasion with red team for quick fight

Use slow.

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One question: What is this for?

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Maybe to show how many red level characters they have?

Maybe… :thinking: But the topic still seems ridiculous to me :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t3:

Or to talk about how red heroes increase attack/movement speed whilst slowing bots???

I suspect they are showing the best Red Invasion quick fight team :man_shrugging:.

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And they’re not wrong :thinking:

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I know this team is the best in invention for bossmam :laughing::laughing::laughing:
King Louie’s Peter Pan disc is very effective against Boss Mom, and this works in all colors!!!
This allows you to slow down and stop your boss momma’s movements, like Stitch’s Maui Disc.Using the slow item will definitely stop the movement!

Won’t Louie get killed by the bot’s laser at the start of the fight? Unlike a certain other character who could be used? Or is there something about his friendship disk that resurrects him?

No, he won’t.

The Peter Pan disk causes the last enemy in the fight become VERY slow when maxed. My guess is that the bot is too slow to even get the first shot off, then throughout the fight, Gizmo could simply just give Louie enough armor to survive. This is quick fight, so this may not literally be happening, but that is my mental playthrough of a manual fight, since I don’t have this setup to know first hand.

By posting this, there is a possibility that the character will be nerfed again. Such an act is a blasphemy to those who find it and should be stopped. Everyone is enjoying the aggression through trial and error. You shouldn’t take that opportunity. Contributors should not post with complacency.

Did you lose your motivation for this game?

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