The Phony King of England (Prince John Character Concept)

Prince John

Source: Robin Hood

Role: Control

Position: Rear

“This crown give me a feeling of power! POWER!!! Forgive the cruel chuckle.”

Prince John can use his force to steal just about anything the enemies has to offer.

Entrance: Come in on his caravan

Victory: Kisses a coin

Defeat: Sucks on his thumb

Basic Attack: Throws a coin at an enemy

White Skill: Rhino Charge: Prince John sends rhino guards to charge at enemies which stuns enemies.

Green Skill: Beautiful Lovely Taxes: Sir Hiss flies by and steals a buff from an enemy and gives it to an ally.

Blue Skill: The Feeling of Power: Prince John throws his crown at enemies to steal energy from them.

Purple Skill: Squeezing Every Last Drop: Rhino Charge steals health and heals an ally

Red Skill: The Phony King of England: Basic attack gives Prince John energy



Campaign: Sheriff Wanted: Prince John appoints Gaston as the “Sheriff of the City”

Disk: Double the Taxes: the currency is doubled with each wave defeated.

Scrooge McDuck

Campaign: Go for the Gold: Scrooge and Prince John compete for the title of the Richest Person in the City

Disk: Number 2 Dime: basic attack adds to currency count


How does his crown steal energy?

An ally? And what ally?

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