The problems in Japanese server

Dear @Polaris, @Matt_PB
Let me report the problems and “LOCAL RULE” In Japanese server(13,15,17,20, especially in13)
caused by City Watch’s difficulty.

・Some players who could NOT COMPLETELY CLEAR the Epic mode in City Watch (CW) are advocating the LOCAL RULE in Game’s chat, twitter, and so on. The rule is, “PUT THE WEAKEST TEAM IN ARENA & COLISEUM, for easier clear in CW mode.”

・The players who just enjoy playing the game are reluctantly following this LOCAL RULE for avoiding the hazing in the game.

・Many players feels a stress in this situation. If this continues, some of players will quit the game.

Could you fix the CW difficulty?

It NOT means advocating players BAN.

They are just suffering from CW difficulties; the level cap is 155 but the epic mode heroes has level246 and buffs.


Having this issue in S9. Couldnt clear epic mode a few days ago and had to surrender ALOT of keys. Why? The 3rd highest ranked player in the game was in tier 3 (the player has 17.8 MILLION total power). Most players average around 4 or less. I have about 9.7. HOW IS THIS FAIR?! its ridiculous. Gut them from epic mode. This is where the game instability shows. And its going to get worse as players leave because of this flaw.

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