The Queen of Hearts - Tips and Appreciation

At this point, this series really is an in-depth analysis on a character. I’m keeping the title and future titles as is, considering it’s what I’ve started with. Never thought I’d be writing a full-on guide for the Queen of Hearts, let alone a guide at all, and yet here we are lol

Here are my thoughts on the Queen of Hearts, as someone who’s been using her since she was released last year.


BR, Before Refresh:

The Queen of Hearts was one of the few if only Tanks, before Bo Peep came around, who possessed a great Basic Damage stat.

  • Indeed, she was able to hit much harder than the rest of the Tanks

  • To quote myself, [quote=“Card_Brigade, post:6, topic:580180”] Compared to the other Tanks, pre-Bo Peep, she’s the only Tank to have great Basic Damage; at Orange 2 with all six stars, her base basic damage is 12,965, which is more than double the basic attack of other Tanks; Sally, Olaf, Goofy, Sulley, and Mr. Incredible all have Basic Damage ranging from 5000 to 4000 coming nowhere near The Queen’s (Btw, I’ve never used Bo Peep so I can’t say what her basic damage is like).[/quote]

    • I think this was to compensate for the fact that most of her skill set was passive
      • This Basic Damage stat was further complimented by a high Normal Crit stat, and, later on once promoted to Red, a high Crit Damage stat.
        • Normal Crit raises the chances of your attacks becoming critical attacks
          • Think Pokemon, especially Pokemon with the move Focus Energy or the held item Scope Lens.
        • Crit Damage increases the damage done by critical attacks
          • Again, think Pokemon, especially Pokemon with the ability Sniper.
  • The Queen may have hit hard with her heavy Basic Damage, but she attacked at a rather slow speed. Not as slow as Jack Skellington and Sally, but still slow all the same.

She had a pretty good HP pool along with great defensive stats, though there was a notable gap between her Armor and Reality

  • Her Skill Power was mediocre, however
    • This was probably done to compensate for that fact that, at the time, her Instant KO HP Threshold had a numerical value that was founded on Skill Power
      • Less Skill Power = Lower HP Threshold = Lower chances of Instant KOing without restraint
    • Unfortunately that meant that her Purple also suffered, since it provided bonus HP at the time.

Despite these stats, admittedly she needed a lot more support to even function as a Tank

  • She still easily folded to Normal Damage specialists like Jack Sparrow.

    • That was one of the things that always bothered me even after I spent a lot of time and effort improving her HP and defenses - what’s the point of being a Tank if you can’t tank hits effectively?
  • She also still took considerable damage from Fantastic attackers even with an HP Mod with a Reality Upgrade and a pumped up Skill Mod with Purple Upgrades, which increased her HP considerably at the time.

The Queen’s White was a good way of protecting her team

  • It reversed the placements of the front and backmost enemies, while Stunning them for 5 seconds.
    • If you had Rex’s Disk equipped, along with some speed boosts, the Shuffles would just stack up on each other, though admittedly they didn’t last as long as you wished for them
      • Rex’s Disk extended the duration of the Queen’s Shuffle by 2.5 seconds, for a maximum of 7.5 seconds
        • In addition to Shuffling THREE enemies at once, instead of 2.
  • Though it was hard to get any mileage out of this where it counted since the Queen wasn’t able to build up energy fast enough to take care of daunting enemies from the start of battle.

The Queen possessed a decent comeback factor after hitting half of her health

  • She’d get a major boost in her Armor along with a 100% attack speed
    • Before her Red Skill came around, however, this didn’t do much, since enemies would still be free to KO the Queen.
      • You needed to have at least one healer to support the Queen

In order to make one of her unique traits even usable, that being her Instant KO “Off With Their Head!,” you needed Skill Mods and Rex’s Disk for the additional Skill Power as well.

  • Her Alice Disk was just a waste of time and resources, since it only gave a speed boost and healing when the Queen KOed an enemy.

Her other unique trait, that being a resistance against Charms, was unreliable, as it did not activate as often as you would have liked it to

  • Her Purple provided bonus HP, which the Queen desperately needed to compensate for the fact that she fell easily to the likes of Jack Sparrow and later on, Randall
    • The Queen didn’t offer any active support for her team beyond Stunning enemies and affecting their placement, in addition to soaking up damage.

She gained a Red Skill that was very useful

  • It not only enhanced her basic attack, but also shared the effect with the rest of her team
    • That being, that they would be healed by a certain amount whenever they did their basic attacks.
  • This allowed the Queen to provide support to her team in the form of, well, team-wide healing.
  • It also improved the Queen’s stats, namely the three stats she excelled at, Basic Damage, Armor and HP
    • There was also a Slow and Armor Reduction, though that wasn’t necessarily one of the biggest selling points of this Red Skill.

During the time of BR, the Queen of Hearts was a character who needed a lot of support to even function as a part of your team.

  • You really had to put in the time and effort to turn her into a good Tank beyond her base stats.

AR, After Refresh

Thankfully, the Queen is able to fill her role as a Tank more effectively after the Refresh.

The Queen, due to the changes made in her stats and skill set, is considerably easier to invest into than BR.

  • Numerical values in her Blue and Purple have now been reallocated to her base stats and Rex’s Disk respectively
    • Players now have more freedom in what Mods they can give to her, as opposed to BR, in which they were forced to invest in Blue and Purple Upgrades so as to make the Queen’s utility more useful.
      • Players no longer have to spend as much time and energy into the Queen to make her a good character.

One of the improvements they made to the Queen was further augmenting her basic attack

  • Off With Their Head! Is now activated every 4 attacks, thus providing the Queen with a more active skill set
    • It now has a fixed threshold for the Instant KO to activate, that being 20% or lower.
    • It also pierces Invincibility and Berserk, something which is greatly appreciated
      • It has the capacity to activate several times in a battle should the Queen be paired with other characters who can boost the team’s speed
        • The Queen is now able to provide a more active role in supporting her team with this change

Her White still provides support for her team, though the nature of it has changed

  • No longer does she Shuffle enemies, of which has been shifted over to her Blue
    • Instead, she now provides a speed boost for her allies (not herself, though) in addition to applying Fatigue to enemies
      • A wonderful new ailment that blocks helpful statuses like Shields or Invincibility
        • Basically the counterpart of Hardy
      • The new Fatigue ensures that some Invisible users (e.g. Randall, Scar and Violet) are unable to go Invisible multiple times.
    • It stacks nicely with Alice’s Tantrum, a skill which provides a 35% speed boost to the entire team, herself included.

She now has an Immunity against Slows, which is wonderful since it was one of the ways to shut her down.

She now gains access to True Damage in Rex’s Disk, while still retaining the extended Stun duration.

  • Her Alice Disk is now much more useful than before, providing the Queen with stacks of Hardy, and an Armor boost to allies with a speed boost.


Here are my Queen’s stats pre-Refresh:


Base Basic Damage - 88,048
Base HP - 848,577
Base Skill Power - 30,790
Base Armor - 87,332

Stats with Mods + Red Skill

Total Power - 241,281
Total Basic Damage - 118,105
Total Skill Power - 80,468
Total HP - 1,273,707
Total Armor - 128,166

And here are my Queen’s stats after the Refresh:


Base Basic Damage - 94,144, an increase of 6,096
Base Skill Power - 44,721, an increase of 13,481
Base HP - 1,174,309, an increase of 325,752
Base Armor - 90,534, an increase of 3,202

Stats with Mods + Red Skill

Total Power - 242,599, an increase of 1,318
Total Basic Damage - 125,803, an increase of 7,698
Total Skill Power - 97, 284, an increase of 16,816
Total HP - 1,355,817, an increase of 82,110
Total Armor - 134,570, an increase of 6404

What a dramatic increase! Not just with her Armor, Basic Attack and Skill Power — my Queen’s HP did indeed hit the million mark (well, that is to say, the base HP shows the million)!

Also I’m glad they finally had the word Majesty somewhere in her skillset, considering how they had highness but not majesty, and even then it wasn’t the right title. Lol I know I’m just nitpicking and it’s really not that big of a deal; just thought I should bring that up since I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.

  • Interestingly, the Icons for the-now-defunct-Shuffle and Off With Their Heads have been swapped; the pictures still work and fit either way.



A unique skill that sent away one of the enemies at the frontline in exchange for bringing one of the enemies from the backline to the front, Shuffle was very useful with sniping Back characters like Maleficent or Megara, in addition to pushing away dangerous or annoying Front characters like Jack Sparrow or Gonzo.

Not really much else to say here, other than the Stun didn’t last that long without Rex’s Disk.

  • Despite the Queen being able to build up energy fairly quickly, she wasn’t able to build energy up quickly enough to take care of dangerous characters right from the get-go - this meant that more often than not, she wouldn’t be able to protect herself and her team at crucial times, possibly due to being KOed before she had a chance to use Shuffle.

This skill would later be revamped and turned into Majesty’s Orders after the Refresh.

Majesty’s Orders:

When I first tried out the Queen after the Update, I must admit I was a little disappointed that it didn’t quite have an impact, that kind of OOMPH I had come to associate with her Shuffle.

  • I mean, I do love having another way to boost my team’s speed, it’s just when you get used to something for a long time, it’s a little hard to adjust right away to something new, you know? I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time.

Since the Queen is a character who gains Energy fairly quickly you can expect her to shoot off two speed boosts relatively quickly into battle, which can possibly swing the momentum in your favor. It’s a very good idea to pair the Queen up with allies who can speed up the team as well like Anger, Animal, and Alice, as the speed boost from Majesty’s Orders will not affect her, unfortunately.

  • Alice makes an especially noteworthy companion with her Tantrum, which boosts the speed of her entire team, herself included, by 35%, and Red Skill, Curious Change, which boosts the potency of Speed Boosts while she’s not Enormous by 40%; this means that the Queen’s Speed Boost, that being 50%, gets boosted to 90%.
    • Gerald Marlin and Nemo are one character who works especially well with the Wonderland trio, (though they can work in just about any team comp). His Bark Bark Bark! gives allies a 40% speed boost. Pair that up with Alice without her Red skill and you get a collective speed boost of 75%. With her Red skill, the collective speed boost becomes 155%, due to Bark’s 40% turning into 80%, Tantrum’s 35% turning into 75%, thus 80 + 75 = 155
  • Majesty’s Orders is great to use in Invasion Breaker Quests, especially if you have Alice, the Mad Hatter and Animal (Go) on your team.

This skill does indeed give her much more synergy with her fellow Wonderland allies, especially with the Mad Hatter who greatly appreciates the added speed boost since he attacks at a slower rate.

Because of her ability to gain Energy quickly, the Queen is capable of applying multiple stacks of Fatigue to the enemy team which can shut down any strategies that revolve around positive effects like Shields or going Invisible/Invincible.

  • Gotta say, it’s so satisfying seeing Hercules attempting to go Invincible only for the Fatigue to block him, the same with Moana and Violet trying to Shield their team and failing.
  • With Fatigue, you won’t have to worry about being stalled by Chief Bogo, or, if your Queen builds energy quick enough, being overwhelmed by Goofy’s massive Speed Boost.

Fatigue will not trigger Miss Piggy’s Hands Off!, however, it will block the effects of Hands Off!

Strangely, Fatigue does not block Mr. Incredible’s Super Duper. (Btw, this is from Chapter 24, The Market, where enemy levels are 140.)


The Fatigue does not block Revives, as Sally’s revive still kicked in despite being KOed with a Fatigue, in case anyone was curious.

Temper, Temper v.1:

Not really much else to say with Temper, Temper other than it pairing nicely with the Queen’s Red Skill, since it allows her to heal her and her team faster. Also it turns her into more of a Normal Damage sponge, but that’s pretty obvious.

Temper, Temper v.2:

Seeing those high numerical values makes me incredibly happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This improved comeback factor turns the Queen into an even deadlier tank after her Refresh, as she’s able to utilize Temper, Temper more effectively especially with allies who can boost her speed—more speed means she attacks quicker which means Off With Their Head! activates more often - in this state, especially when paired with other speed boosts, it is possible to Stun the entire enemy team rather quickly.

  • The Queen can take full advantage of Temper, Temper should she go against characters who deal heavy damage right off the bat (e.g. Randall) - since her HP has increased after the Refresh, giving her an even more massive HP pool, she is now able to survive on a sliver of HP and activate Temper, Temper, before restoring herself quickly to full HP with her Red Skill, My Way.
    • This wasn’t quite the case pre-Refresh, since the Queen was a bit on the frailer side and as such was not able to utilize Temper, Temper effectively (mainly due to being KOed 75% of the time).

I had hoped that she would gain a Reality boost in Temper, Temper, but she didn’t get one. It’s fine though, because what are Mods for, right? At least, now that they’re finally in Invasion after a long long long time.

One thing to keep in mind with this skill, is that the Queen briefly becomes Invincible.

  • During this state, enemies can walk past her and damage whoever is behind her. Keep this in mind if you have any frail characters standing behind the Queen.

Off With Their Head! v.1:

Without Mods and Rex’s Disk to boost the numerical value, the HP at which the Queen could have KOed enemies was abysmally low. The Instant KO was really more of an afterthought to help finish off enemies who were close to being KOed anyway quicker.

  • Think of it as using Quick Attack to finish off an opponent in Pokemon.

You couldn’t really get any mileage out of this Skill unless you pumped it up - which I did :smiley:

  • What was wonderful about this skill was that I could instantly KO any Creep right off the bat, especially Brutes and Skeletons. This came in handy during Heists, since it meant that even at Ridiculous Difficulty (or was it Shocking?) the Queen wouldn’t have to worry about being stalled to death by Brutes.
    • Unfortunately, despite it activating multiple times, it always failed against the Beast, who more often than not would stall my team into losing.

Off with Their Head! v.2:


  • More reliable Instant KO
    • Can pierce Berserk/Invincibility
    • Activates more often
      • No cooldown
      • Fixed HP threshold
  • Cards appear and Stun enemies more often
    • Don’t have to build up Energy to access this


  • Numerical value is removed, thus rendering Blue Skill Upgrades useless
  • Can no longer time appearance and Stun of Cards

Now, one of the biggest things that I love about this Refresh, is that it gives her the ability to Insta-KO Berserk and Invincible enemies!

You have no idea how happy I am for this change, as I no longer have to worry about Hercules or the Beast stalling my team to death anymore due to the Insta-KO being made more reliable. I’m glad that they came up with a fixed percentage for the Insta-KO to occur at.

  • I’m especially happy that instead of having a cooldown, it’s guaranteed to activate every time once enemies are at 20% of their HP.
    • Though I am sad that after waiting for a long time for Blue Upgrades to drop, and finally applying one on my Queen, it’s been rendered mostly useless.

Er, though I just realized that’s a double edged sword since it means you yourself may run into trouble if you’re on the receiving end of Off With Their Head! — if your team’s HP is at or below 20% and the Queen has Speed Boosts, she’ll be gaining 300 Energy left and right which’ll be more than enough for her fire off her White consecutively.

  • Be sure to keep one or more healers protected and healthy to ensure that your party’s HP stays above 20% to avoid this scenario, if you’re going up against an enemy Queen.

The Instant KO no longer happens when the Queen swings her fan, rather, it happens when the Cards touch the enemy in question.

Strangely, despite gaining the ability to KO Invincible enemies, it still fails for whatever reason against the Ghoul Creeps who briefly go Invincible. Like, what gives? (Btw, this picture is from Chapter 23, Rooftop 2M, where the enemy levels are 138.)

The Speed Boosts from other allies definitely speeds up the rate at which the Card March occurs, which means that you have the potential to Stun enemies for 11 seconds pretty quickly if you have Rex’s Disk equipped.

  • With this, it’s only a matter of the Queen brandishing her fan like crazy before the Cards come out,
    • You no longer have to rely on building up Energy to access the Shuffle and Stun.
      • It makes Off With Their Head a little more useful/powerful, since the Queen can Shuffle enemies away without needing to activate her White Skill, something that’s greatly appreciated for taking care of frontline enemies who gain a lot of energy quickly or otherwise are dangerous and annoying like Bo Peep.
        • Unfortunately, the Cards now only march in one direction; they never come out from the other side unless one of the enemies is on your side of the field (case in point, Randall).
      • So while it is more reliable since it activates more often, it does lose a little bit of what made it useful, since it could snipe backline enemies by bringing them to the front like the ever annoying Megara or Joy.
        • Because you don’t have any direct control over the Cards anymore, you can no longer time your Shuffle to get rid of certain enemies, like the Raptor bots (Shuffling them at a precise moment was my way of keeping my team safe by Shuffling it to a far distance right off the bat before KOing it) or any Bo Peeps using Deflection Spin without Joy’s Disk.
          • Another example, at least in Invasion, was to activate your Shuffle to push away any enemies that dived into the enemy frontline like Aladdin or Gonzo after they landed.

Skeletons and Brutes, which would normally fall instantly to Off With Their Head!, now no longer get instantly KOed, due to the HP threshold being changed to a solid 20%.

  • A bit of a shame, really, but it’s a small price to pay. That being said, the Queen no longer has a way to damage Brutes due to this change.
    • The workaround to this problem is Rex’s Disk.
      • If you intend to use the Queen in Heists, make sure to equip Rex’s Disk on her, as she will not have any way to damage Brutes otherwise.

Royal Highness v.1:

This was the go-to skill when it came to Mods. This added considerably to her survivability, which is why @Aurora_Veil and I gave her Purple Mods with Purple Upgrades in the first place.

  • The Charm resistance, as good as it sounds, unfortunately isn’t very good as it doesn’t activate as often as you would like it to. Before Donald Duck was refreshed a second time, I was very salty that his Purple activated almost every time, despite only having a 50% chance of activating.
    • What sucks more is that if you go against enemy Queens, mostly in Invasion, their Charm resistances will almost always activate immediately.
      • Let that s̶a̶l̶t̶ sink in.

Royal Highness v.2:


  • Immunity to Slows, thus patching up one of her weaknesses


  • Numerical value is removed, thus rendering Purple Skill Upgrades useless
  • Charm resistance still unreliable

Unfortunately, due to the extra HP being reallocated to her base HP stat, that rendered the Purple Mods useless, since it now only affects the level cap.

  • Oh well, at least with the added level cap, I don’t have to worry about going up against enemies with a higher level than me trying to Slow me down lol.

In any event, I do love the fact that the Queen gains an amazing new immunity; this one is greatly appreciated as Slows were one of the surefire ways to go when it came to shutting down the Queen prior to her Refresh, especially if you had a Stitch with Maui’s Disk equipped! I think that besides Donald, the Queen may be the only character in the game at this point of writing that is immune to Slows without the need for Hardies.

  • What’s great about this is that the Queen is no longer affected by Yax’s Chill Vibes, which means she’s free to march to the other side and begin attacking while her other allies catch-up, so to speak.

It is a shame though that her % chance to convert Charms didn’t get boosted like I had hoped. I remember reading a comment on the update thread announcing the Queen’s refresh saying it was because there’s 52 cards in a deck, “52 Pick Up” and whatnot.

  • Thematically, yes, it fits, though gameplay-wise, not so much.

Sigh, if you are going to run the Queen, just keep this in mind, as it still applied to her before the Refresh:

Be very careful when going against enemies who can Charm your team. Should the Queen be Charmed, be prepared to lose at least one of your characters due to her monstrous Basic Attack which has increased to even bigger levels after the Refresh.

My Way v.1:


Base Healing - 97,596
Total Healing - 112,494
Armor Reduction - 27,222
Added Basic Damage - 24,820
Added HP - 113,053
Added Armor - 40,834

Okay, I don’t know who came up with this idea for the Queen’s Red Skill, but whoever you are,

This was a great way to improve the Queen, since the Queen is only ever able to Basic Attack.

  • My Way improves her comeback factor, Temper, Temper, as she’ll be able to quickly regain the HP she lost with the added Speed Boost.

One of the things that I love about this Red Skill is that you don’t have to keep leveling it up in order for it to still be useful.

  • Even if you keep this skill underleveled, the Queen and her allies can still reap the benefits of healing themselves whenever they Basic Attack.
    • The Slow and Armor reductions are there too lol they’re honestly whatever, but still appreciated either way.

And as for the stat boosts, they increase the three stats the Queen excels at - Basic Damage, Armor and HP. Talk about improving upon perfection :heart:

If there’s any Red Skill, you should invest into, it should definitely be the Queen’s.

My Way v.2:


Base Healing - 171,619, an increase of 74,023
Total Healing - 193,966, an increase of 81,472
Armor Reduction - 27,383, an increase of 161
Added Basic Damage - 26,422, an increase of 1,602
Added HP - 129,067, an increase of 16,014
Added Armor - 44,036, an increase of 3,202

Not really much to say other than the fact that I deeply love the boosted stats! She was already doing a great job with healing before the Refresh, but now she’s going to do an even better job at it!

  • Not to mention that she hits harder and has even more HP and Armor than before.


Since the Queen has no other way of damaging enemies besides her Basic Attack (and Rex’s Disk), you might as well amplify it with a Normal Crit.

  • I highly recommend having at least one Basic Damage mod with a Normal Crit Upgrade to increase her damage output .
    • My Queen, for example, can easily dish out anywhere from 700k to 1 million Total Damage.
  • Not to mention it compliments the Crit Damage she gains as you rank her up in Red.

Definitely slap on at least one HP Mod with a Reality Upgrade to patch up her low Reality. Once you’ve got this (either with or without her Red Skill, though why would you not go for her Red Skill?), congratulations, your Queen is now much more Tanky and she won’t have to worry as much about being one shotted by Fantastic attackers now!

Especially with Randall - most of the time before the Refresh, even with my heavy investment into her Mods and Disk, it would be a 50/50 chance of her either surviving his initial attack or being instantly KOed.

Unfortunately, you can no longer boost the Queen’s True Damage via Mods as it has now been reallocated as a Disk effect only.

Unfortunately, you can no longer boost the Queen’s HP via Mods as it has now been reallocated to her base HP stat.

So, which Mods should you use?

I still say stick with a Basic Damage Mod with a Normal Crit Upgrade to increase her overall damage, and at least 1 HP Mod with a Reality Upgrade to fix that low Reality stat.

  • From there, it’s really up to you. You could go with two Skill Mods, with a focus on Green Upgrades, seeing as how unless you’re trying to cheat the level system like I am, there’s no point in pumping up Blue and Purple upgrades anymore to improve the rest of her skills.

    • Do note that the Skill Mods also affect the HP recovery in her Red.
  • Alternatively, you could always make her Tankier with two more HP Mods, though that would be overkill (vice versa if you added in two more Basic Damage Mods with a Normal Critical Upgrade).

    • If you want to make her attack even faster, slap on an Attack Speed Boost Upgrade on those Basic Damage Mods.



Royal Ride v.1:

The best Disk for the Queen to have since it improved her skillset - the extended duration, that being now 7.5 seconds, is lovely especially when paired up with the fact that it now Stuns half of the enemy team in one go.

  • The added Skill Power went a long way in improving her Blue and Purple’s numbers especially when paired with Skill Mods with respective Upgrades (Green too, but it’s not like it needed any extra support).
  • This was a great way of controlling an entire group of enemies over time since it Shuffled 3 enemies at once.

Royal Ride v.2:


  • Increased Skill Power
  • Retains Stun duration
    • Interestingly, it’s the original duration of the now defunct Shuffle
  • Access to True Damage


  • No more Shuffling 3 enemies

Royal Ride is still a great Disk to use for the Queen, as it retains its extended Stun duration (though it does lose its ability to Shuffle 3 enemies), has a slightly higher boost in Skill Power and now deals True Damage to enemies!

  • With this Disk, it also allows the Queen to damage Brutes who would otherwise be invincible to her attacks. This is great news since it means that the Queen is still a viable character to use in Heists.

Admittedly, when I first laid eyes on the new Royal Ride, I was apprehensive and very disapproving of the changes, due to the randomized True damage—at the time, I thought, “Why is it randomized instead being at a fixed value?,” in addition to what I thought was a contradicting mess (i.e. sacrificing Stuns for power) but upon some play testing, I realized that these changes were actually very good.

  • See, because the Card March occurs much more often, that means that True Damage is also, well, happening much more often. The fact that True Damage ignores every defense means it has the capacity to deal somewhat heavy damage, hence, the randomized numeral value to ensure that doesn’t happen too often.
    • That’s not too bad though, as its power increases the farther an enemy is Shuffled - you’re literally guaranteed a power boost (though by how much is unspecified) since the Cards always Shuffle enemies to the very back of the battlefield. In exchange for access to True Damage though, you sacrifice the extended Stun duration each time this Skill activates (though, again, by how much is anyone’s guess).
      • Do note that because the True Damage’s power does increase the longer the battle goes on, in addition to an 11 second Stun, it’s best to bring in some clerics to dispel Stuns and heal back the damage, and Fantastic heavy hitters, maybe even bring a Scarer or two to take her down more easily, if you’re going against the Queen, since Rex’s Disk makes her more dangerous than before; I wouldn’t be surprised if under the right conditions, she might be able to prevail over a stall team.

The tradeoff does indeed make this Disk balanced, as opposed to my first impressions on the Disk, where I thought it was contradictory.

This makes her the first character besides the Evil Queen to utilize True Damage in, well, true attacking fashion that isn’t an instant KO.

  • Huh, maybe True Damage that deals damage and isn’t just an instant KO is a royal thing.
    • (Stitch doesn’t count since his method of dishing out True Damage is not consistent or reliable and is purely situational; Colette with Split Potato is a little more consistent and reliable though not by much; and Randall with Yzma’s Disk also doesn’t count since after 7 attacks, he loses the True Damage property.)

Much like the Instant KO, the True Damage is not applied immediately upon the Queen’s 4th swing; the damage is applied after the Cards have Shuffled the enemy to the back of the battlefield. (Sidenote, I love how the effect is colored purple, which is a color often associated with royalty. I love little details like that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

  • The True damage is capable of shaving off a huge chunk off of Shields, sometimes, albeit not that often, being more than enough to completely pierce them.
    • The only downside to the changes made to this Disk is that the added Skill Power unfortunately isn’t quite as useful as it used to be pre-Refresh, as the only skills it affects now are her Green and Red.
      • The Skill Boost is still appreciated either way though, since it significantly boosts her Green and Red.


Fur Ball v.1:

A totally useless and very situational Disk that only activates if the Queen herself KO’d an enemy. Not much else to say here other than pre-Refresh, you’d be wasting your time if you went down this route.

Fur Ball v.2:


  • Infinitely much better than its previous incarnation
  • Give Armor to team with speed boosts
  • Queen starts off with 2 stacks of Hardies
    • Able to gain more when Temper, Temper activates


  • None

This Disk has been considerably revamped for the better!

Fur Ball now improves her role as a Tank since she’ll not be able to absorb/block Disables and Debuffs at least 7 times should you max out her Disk, but she also provides an Armor boost to her team.

  • Even at 1 Star, this Disk is great for allowing the Queen to avoid Disables at the beginning of battle like Baymax’s Blast Off with Olaf’s Disk equipped, and possibly Elsa’s Red Skill, which more often than not targets the Queen.
    • The Armor Boost is yet another way for the Queen to synergize with allies who can boost speed. I would highly recommend pairing her up with Animal with Gonzo’s Disk—that way, your team won’t have to worry about Normal attacks as much anymore, especially if Oogie Boogie with Randall’s Disk is on your team.

Ending Thoughts

She’s considerably more Tanky, she’s more of a team player, and she’s incredibly more dangerous with an even bigger Basic Attack stat that’s backed up by the occasional True Damage if you have Rex’s Disk equipped.

  • I’m not sure what they fixed to make the Queen tank hits more effectively than before, but whatever they did, it definitely helped out since I’m no longer seeing my Queen getting easily one shotted by powerhouses (namely Randall) that often.

She now has even more utility in Invasion, as her White isn’t fully canceled out by Ailment Immunity Wards.

One of the major gripes I do have with this Refresh is that it essentially makes any Blue or Purple Upgrades that you pumped into your Mods and time into are now useless, as they don’t have any numbers to affect anymore, save for the level cap, which is a major bummer as those were the go-to Mods for the Queen prior to this Refresh.

  • Seeing as how I am a F2P, in addition to the fact it took me ages to grind all those Chips and Mod Bits, I will not be unequipping my Mods anytime soon, if only because A, the added level cap does actually help, considering I’m in my mid 150s in an Arena where most other players are 160 and up, and B, I need to grind up other Skill Mods in the meantime, probably with a focus on her Green.
    • Also it’s still boosting my Green and Red, so there’s that.
      • I mean I dunno, I might end up not unequipping those Mods after all.
        • We’ll see.

If you’re going against the Queen, do your best to take her out immediately, as she’ll become more dangerous the longer a battle is dragged out, especially if she has Rex’s Disk equipped and is paired with allies who can boost her Speed.

As much as I don’t like him, Randall is still a character who manages to deal heavy damage to the Queen. If he can still do enough damage to bring my Queen even after her Refresh into red HP (or KO her, since admittedly I did go up against a level 185 Randall in the picture below) at the beginning of battle, then I’m sure he can do enough damage to KO any Queens that don’t have proper investment.

  • Of course, if you don’t want to invest in him, which is understandable, any other Fantastic heavy hitter should do.

You can no longer Slow her down, but you can still Stun/Freeze her, provided that she’s not equipped with Alice’s Disk.

  • Since she’s gained immunity to Slows, that means she is probably also immune to being Statused by Winnie the Pooh, so that option is unfortunately closed to you.
    • For those of you who don’t know, Pooh applies stacks of Honey to enemies which Slows them down for a certain percentage, up to a maximum of 80%. His White when activated is capable of dealing massive amounts of Fantastic damage if he’s applied a ton of Honey stacks.

Characters who can shred Armor are still a viable option to pierce through her massive Armor.

  • Characters who can remove energy and even deny her energy gain are another option you could look into to ensure she doesn’t fire off her White.

Overall, I’m very happy with this Refresh. It makes me glad to see more people talking and thinking about investing in the Queen.

Without the proper Mods before the Refresh, admittedly she was a bit underwhelming, not to mention that despite having great defensive stats (kind of, since there was and still is a massive divide between her Armor and Reality sans an HP Mod with a Reality Upgrade), she tended to take heavy damage, even being instantly KOed in some cases.

  • In addition, her utility was very poor, as she didn’t really bring a lot to the table, aside from an unreliable Charm resistance, Stunning enemies, and becoming a Normal Damage sponge.
    • She did gain some utility in an amazing Red Skill, but that was about it.

In addition, she only had one Disk that was useful, that being Rex’s since it improved her skillset.

  • Since the Refresh, Alice’s Disk has been made much more useful, giving the Queen another option to choose from.
    • If you want the Queen to be more of an offensive threat, go with Rex’s Disk. If you want her to be a sturdier tank who provides a bit of extra support to her allies, go with Alice’s Disk.

Aside from my dreams of KOing one opponent that isn’t a Brute or a Skeleton right off the bat being forever dashed, this is a wonderful Refresh that her imperial highness, her grace, her excellency, her royal majesty, the Queen of Hearts truly deserved.

Thank you and your team for this, @Polaris


Great post!

Although I am not sure if you tried to Aurora_Veil but you mention @Aurora.

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Oh thank you very much! I have fixed that issue now

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Long time no see/hear, @Card_Brigade. Hope you are doing fine

Back to your topic, I must admit, I always thought QoH was an useless hero, with poorly designed skill set and i had zero plan working on her (even during the time I did Miss Piggy friend disc with her - I managed to completed that one using mainly Piggy and Anger) but after this refresh, I’m slowly working on her and plan to include her in my War/Coli team :slight_smile:

It must be awesome seeing your favorite character get a good refresh. Meanwhile, here I am, (not so) patiently waiting for Nick’s… Hopefully he gets one soon

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Fantastic post! Very informative and put together well. Thanks!

Sorry but I’d have to disagree with you on the Alice disk I liked it way better especially with the healing on basic attacks from My way she was insane .

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