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Thank you all for patiently waiting. I do apologize for my disappearance—my personal life’s been a bit of a mess for some time now.

That, and I always underestimate how much time these projects take

At any rate, I’m back!

And with an analysis on my all time favorite character, no less! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




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Jack of All Trades, Master of Some


Alice is quite the curious Support character, as she’s not purely Support; in fact, she’s actually a jack-of-all-trades, able to fill in every Role due to her unique skill set!

  • With her Green, she Controls enemies by Slowing them down
  • With her Blue, she Supports her team by Speeding them up
  • With her White and Purple, she becomes a hybrid Damaging Tank
    • Her HP Pool becomes massive, and her Green and Blue become devastating AOE attacks
      • Especially her Blue, which is further supported by a pretty hefty Normal Crit and Armor Negation Stat

Alice becomes a dangerous threat when she becomes Enormous, due to the fact that she’s able to damage the entire enemy team at once with Flood of Tears and Tantrum

  • Her threat is further amplified with a maxed Red Skill and Miguel’s Disk, both giving her massive Skill Power, with the latter boosting all of her Enormous damage by 50%
    • Tantrum is especially dangerous, since Alice will more often than not score massive Critical hits on every enemy on the screen
      • Sometimes this is enough to KO multiple enemies at once
      • Another lovely aspect of Tantrum is its mighty Knockback effect, being more than enough to send survivors to the back of the field
  • Her HP Pool, as previously stated, becomes rather massive, overshadowing those that are actually Tanks! Enormous Alice, because of this, can sponge damage effectively, making her a hard target to take down, should you not have any heavy hitters or debuffs
    • This massive HP Pool synergizes well with Quorra’s Disk, in which allies will receive a Shield equal to 25% of Enormous Alice’s HP. As you can imagine, these Shields are rather durable

Unfortunately, due to her status as a jack-of-all-trades, Alice isn’t able to bring too much to the table, considering that when she’s not Enormous, her damage is abysmal, and her Control kit is rather lacking

  • Her Support is actually pretty great, due to her Red Skill boosting the potency of Speed boosts while she’s not Enormous, thus giving her and her team a 75% speed boost!
    • Not to mention that her Red Skill also allows her to be a cleric, clearing away 4 Disables with the longest length when she grows Enormous
      • Both of these features, however, are level dependent, and as such, require a maxed Red Skill to work effectively

Alice’s true potential is circled around her becoming Enormous, though unfortunately, even with proper support, Alice is a little frail, and as such, might not live long enough to grow Enormous

  • To add insult to injury, Alice stands around doing nothing if she gets Silenced while she’s Enormous! Think of that, 12 seconds of just standing there doing nothing!

  • That, and the fact that Alice does not possess the same kind of temporary Invincibility many other characters have when they shift gears (e.g. Mr. Incredible when he activates Super Duper). It’s rather frustrating to see her almost become Enormous, only to get KOed because a DOT attack got to her quicker

Alice’s Battle Badge is okay, it’s not the best or worst thing out there. Always activate a Battle Badge to give your Heroes an extra boost, when you can.

  • What’s great about this Badge is that it fits Alice’s skillset - she can activate it herself due to her AOE Slow
    • As far as Enhancing it—no, just no, because Tenacity hardly means anything these days, unless you’re Manticore
  • Because she can easily activate it, she’s a great partner for other characters who have the same Badge condition, like Fozzie
    • But then again, there are other options out there like King Louie (Animal)


Eat Me:

The bread and butter behind Alice’s skill set, this allows her to completely heal herself, due to her HP growing and shrinking in relation to Alice’s own stature. See her Purple down below for more details

Eat Me is Alice’s ways of shifting gears, as she becomes a Tank when she grows Enormous, with her Support and Control kits being turned into Damage skills

  • It’s interesting to note that Enormous, while not listed in the Pause menu’s list of buffs, is counted as a buff, considering that Tron and Randall (Yzma) immediately make Alice shrink down prematurely, when they strike her with buff negating attacks
    • Ian’s Shrink, curiously enough, is another skill that prematurely shrinks Alice down, considering shrinking an Enormous Alice would really just be restoring her to her natural height

Flood of Tears:

Flood of Tears used to be pretty good back in the day, though it’s not quite as useful these days unfortunately, since 35% doesn’t seem to affect newer Heroes that much. At the very least, it’s good for activating Alice’s Battle Badge, in addition to synergizing with the Mad Hatter’s own Slows.

Flood of Tears used to deal lackluster damage, even with Miguel’s Disk - the difference in her two Damage outputs was palpable, as she barely scratched enemies with her tears, while her stomps always did more damage.

  • Thankfully, ever since I gave it some TLC, both of her damage outputs are now mostly equal :grin:

Alice will always immediately use Flood of Tears when she grows Enormous, splashing multiple enemies at once

  • Strangely, ever since I boosted it with a maxed Green Skill Mod, it has the capacity to deal just as much damage, if not more damage, than Tantrum! Then again, considering this is titular protagonist of a zany adventure, I shouldn’t question it too much :rofl:

  • Trivia!

    • This is probably a reference to when she first grew enormous in the movie and started crying because of her predicament, now that I think about it. Wow, that’s so funny, I’ve been running her for the past three years, and I only just realized that now. :rofl:



  • Reliable Speed Boost
    • Especially with Red
  • Devastating Attack
    • Huge damage potential
    • Huge Knockback


  • Speed Boost is average without maxed Red Skill

If you’ve read my Queen of Hearts guide, then you’ll know Tantrum is a wonderful skill, as it allows Alice to synergize well with her fellow Wonderlandians, especially the Mad Hatter, who benefits the most from Speed Boosts, due to his slow animations.

The measly 35% speed boost gets boosted to a nice 75% with a maxed Red Skill, so make sure your Alice’s Red Skill is always up to date to reap it!

Due to a high Normal Crit and Armor Negation stat, Tantrum is capable of KOing many enemies after they’ve been damaged by Flood of Tears. Any survivors get flung to the very back of the battlefield, where they’re even more susceptible to being damaged by the rest of Alice’s attacks, due to them being grouped so close together.

Alice will always use Tantrum after Flood of Tears, before cycling through them until she shrinks or gets KOed

Giant Boost:

Exactly what it says on the tin - it gives Alice a giant boost to her Max HP

Eat Me already provides great healing, especially when coupled with Alice’s impressive Improved Healing stat, however, the secret behind her always healing herself completely is this:

When Eat Me is activated, Giant Boost comes into effect immediately - her HP Pool is instantly changed from the small amount it is during her Normal form, to the massive HP Pool in her Enormous form.

The reverse is true - if Alice takes considerable damage during her Enormous form, but survives long enough to Shrink, she gets completely healed, as her Max HP reverts back to what it originally was

Hence why she’s able to always heal herself completely

Here’s an example which I hope helps explain it better:

  • Alice has 100 HP; she takes 60 damage, leaving her at 40 HP.
    • Eat Me heals her for 35, putting her at 75 HP, while also increasing her HP by 1000, due to Giant Boost
      • This gives her 900 extra HP, thus in actuality, healing Alice for 935
        • When she Shrinks, the 1000 HP reverts back to her base 100,
          • Any damage sustained in her Enormous form gets healed up by the leftover excess of HP.

Before the advent of powerhouses, especially True Damage ones, Alice was hard to take down because of this; she’d gain enough Energy during her Enormous form to instantly grow Enormous again, shrugging off damage easily

Curious Change:

Curious Change enhances Alice’s role as a Support, as it allows her to immediately cure 4 Disables from her team when she activates Eat Me

  • In addition, it improves her Speed Boost, turning her average 35% Speed Boost, into a respectable 75% Speed Boost
    • Because of this, this inadvertently makes Alice a soft counter to teams that run Animal (Go), provided you run your own Animal (Go) (see Miscellaneous for more info)

Curious Change also improves Alice’s skill set as it boosts her Skill Power and HP

  • Especially her Purple
    • Since it boosts her Purple, I don’t recommend Purple Skill Mods on Alice, as Curious Change already acts like one
      • Think of it has having a 5th Mod

It’s a wonderful (:wink:) Red Skill that certainly does Alice justice :heart:

Question - shouldn’t DOTs be cleared away as well? In my experience of running Alice, all Disables/Debuffs are immediately cured once her White activates - this is not contingent on her being Enormous, just her activating her White. So with all of that in mind, it stands to reason that Alice should be able to clear away DOTs on herself, as she’s able to clear other debuffs from herself

Strangely, Ian’s Shrink is the only Disable that doesn’t get cleared away by Curious Change, despite it having been classified as so, several updates ago in the Update 2.4.10 Patch Notes:

  • Ian’s shrink is a disable and is now working that way

Curiouser and curiouser indeed



2 HP Mods (Armor/Reality)

2 Skill Mods (Green/Blue)

To bolster Alice’s role as a Tank when she becomes Enormous, shore up her defenses by giving her 2 HP Mods, with Armor and Reality respectively

To increase her Enormous damage output, give her 1 Skill Mod with a Green Upgrade

  • This allows Flood of Tears to catch up to Tantrum’s damage output
    • Funnily enough, this has the capacity to deal just as much, if not, more damage than Tantrum

Add insult to injury by further boosting the enormous (:smirk:) damage done by Tantrum with a Skill Mod with a Blue Upgrade

This is the definitive set for Alice.

  • What especially makes this set so good, is that it allows Alices who run Quorra’s Disk to still dish out considerable damage, even without the added Skill Power boost and 50% damage increase
  • This Mod set allows Alice to reach her full potential

There are alternatives I’ve seen here and there, and they’re not that bad.

Some people run Alice with an Attack Speed Boost Mod (e.g. Basic Damage), and that’s a decent idea to help her fire off her Green and Blues quicker. Some other people also run Normal Crit and Fantastic Crit Mods, and those are decent as well.

IMO, they’re mediocre sets, since they aren’t capitalizing on Alice’s skill set, but hey, if you find a Mod set up that’s more comfortable with you, roll with it :clap:



Flower Song:


  • Improves Alice’s skill set
  • Boosts her Enormous damage


  • None

Between both of Alice’s Disks, Flower Song is the more reliable one, due to it improving her overall stats and performance in battle.


Royal Flush:


  • With proper investment, the provided Shield can be extremely durable. Think of this as a poor man’s Slinky Shield


  • Shield only lasts 6 seconds, which is half of Enormous Alice’s duration
  • Shield only activates once; won’t activate ever again if Alice becomes Enormous again in the same fight or wave

If you want Alice to be more on the Supportive side, run Quorra’s Disk, as it not only provides Armor to Alice and her teammates, but it also grants a rather durable Shield to them, capable of withstanding heavy damage (assuming of course, your Alice is properly invested in).

The major downside, unfortunately, is that the durable Shield doesn’t last that long, and doesn’t activate after the first time, thus turning this Disk into a one trick pony. It’s pretty useless after the Shield’s gone as it doesn’t provide much utility

  • If you use this in Campaign Mode, it doesn’t get refreshed like other Disks and Skills; if you use it in Wave 1, you will not be able to activate the Shield in Wave 2 or 3.

Suggestions for Future Refresh

Alice, along with the Mad Hatter, are definitely in dire need of a Hero Refresh. Technically, the Queen could also use another soft Refresh, at least in her stats, since it’s kinda sad that newer Heroes who aren’t Tanks have higher HP than her, who is a Tank, like my Launchpad, who currently has 16 million+ HP vs my Queen’s 12 million HP (although from what I understand from DHBM Hero Balance and power creep - #4 by Bluebandit93, that’s an intrinsic problem that needs to be addressed as a whole by Perblue, which, thankfully, they appear to have plans to do so, given State of the Game: September 2021)

Without further ado:

Improve HP and Defenses, maybe Skill Power too

Improve her role as a jack of all trades. Who says being multitalented is bad these days anyway? :wink:

  • Boost the Slow and Speed potencies by 10%, thus bringing them up to 45%

    • This in turn makes her Speed boost and Slow reduction 85% (see below in Red Skill)
  • Eat Me

    • Give Alice temporary Invincibility when she grows Enormous. It always sucks when she’s about to grow Enormous, only to be KOed because of DOT. There are many characters out there who have temporary Invincibility when activating a skill, so it stands to reason that Alice should get the same treatment too
      • In addition, make Eat Me give her 6 stacks of Hardy.
        • This is to help protect Alice from a myriad of disables, though the one I’m spotlighting is Silence. It’s sad that Alice literally stands around doing nothing for 12 seconds when she gets silenced in her Enormous form.
    • Faster attacking rate when Enormous
      • By this I mean speed up the animation just a little bit
  • Flood of Tears

    • When not Enormous

      • Add Fatigue, remove 250 energy, Reality Decrease
        • When emotionally drained, people feel Fatigued; this concept can be seen with Sadness, the literal personification of tears
      • Extend duration from 6 seconds to 8 seconds
    • When Enormous

      • Boosted damage
      • Removes 500 energy
      • Shreds Armor and Reality
    • General

      • The damage done by Slowed enemies is reduced by 25%. The damage reduction is less effective against enemies higher than level 1.
  • Tantrum

    • When not Enormous

      • Energize, Tenacity Increase, Hardy

      • Use at the start of battle

        • Alice will continue to use Tantrum throughout the battle as usual.
          • I like the idea of Alice being defiant in the face of adversaries, hence her sass at the beginning of battle.
      • Extend duration from 6 seconds to 8 seconds

    • When Enormous

      • Boosted damage
      • Stuns enemies for 5 seconds
      • Applies Fatigue and Weakness
    • General

      • Allies with speed boosts take 25% less damage from enemies. This damage reduction is less effective on enemies higher than level 21.


While the damage reduction is helpful overall, especially with the advent of characters with Shatter, this damage reduction was made with True Damage characters in mind.

In this way, Alice could be a soft counter to the rise of all the True Damage characters as of late. It doesn’t make sense, but then again, neither does Wonderland, which is the point of her fun set.

Accessible counters should be more prevalent; they shouldn’t be a select few, new characters that are expensive and tedious to bring up (event though that’s par for the course at this point)

I’d like to think the proposed changes so far aren’t too broken, at least, not any more broken than constantly dodging and getting durable Shields (Mulan), and providing team-wide Invincibility within 10 seconds or less (Kermit), or Shields that literally can’t be removed via Disables (Slinky with Powerline’s Disk).

  • Giant Boost

    • More HP
    • Alice now gains Armor and Reality
      • This would help buff Alice’s defenses considerably, allowing her to take hits better, both when she’s not Enormous, and when she is Enormous
        • This would be directly affecting her core stats, like how Admin Privileges boosts Kevin Flynn’s Reality, or how Sally gains extra HP with Stronger than She Seams
    • When Alice is Enormous, she shares her defense increases with her team (again, like Kevin Flynn)
  • Curious Change

    • Allow Alice to use Eat Me even when Silenced/Charmed, akin to Animal’s Tempo Tantrum (maybe)
    • Tantrum now clears away 2 Disables/Debuffs every other stomp
      • Alice stomps once, clear, stomps third time, will clear
    • Alice also removes 4 of the longest lasting buffs from each enemy when she uses Flood of Tears and Tantrum
    • Slows are now also 40% more effective while Alice is not Enormous
  • Flower Song

    • Additional Skill Power
    • Tantrum now heals allies
      • This is a good way to put Alice’ impressive Improved Healing stat to good use
        • This would be on the Disk Power side, the one already increasing her Skill Power
    • Alice increases all allies’ max HP for 35% of her Max Enormous HP
      • This would act like Launchpad’s Purple, being in constant effect during battle, as it affects their core stats; this isn’t something that can be negated via buff removers or if Alice gets KOed, just like Launchpad’s Purple or Kevin Flynn’s Purple
        • Allies DO NOT gain the effects I discussed in Giant Boost in the Skills section, where Alice is able to heal herself completely without fail
    • When Alice is Enormous
      • Grants her team Basic Attack, Skill Power, Energize, and Crit Damage Increase for 12 seconds
        • Allies receive Basic Attack and Skill Power equal to 20% of Enormous Alice’s Max HP for 12 seconds
      • Boosts her team’s overall damage by 25%
      • Heals her entire team for 50% of her Max HP
  • Royal Flush

    • 15% boost, turning 25% to 40% of Alice’s Max Enormous HP

    • Extend duration to 12, which is the same length as Enormous Alice

    • Allow it to activate every time she grows Enormous.

      • Maybe more Tenacity and Hardies, ooh 3 Stacks of Hardies when she grows Enormous
    • Gives more Hardy to team

    • Reduce incoming Crit damage by 50%

    • Allies receive additional Armor and Reality equal to 45% of Enormous Alice’s Max HP for 12 seconds

    • Heal allies in the Shields over time, for 25% of Alice’s Max HP per second

      • Great healing potential with this one, not only because of Alice’s massive HP Pool, but also because she has a great Improved Healing stat!
        • Again, this would help put that into use


Fun fact, she’s one of the few characters in DHBM who blinks, giving her a more animated idle animation compared to others who simply have a static face

Curiously, if you manage to stagger (i.e. take off 15% of her max HP in one attack) her while Enormous, Alice will briefly revert to her regular size, before going back to her Enormous legs.

It’s kinda weird that that happens, though I can only imagine it must be even more difficult to program a stagger animation for a pair of legs, given the problems Perblue faced when they were developing her, hence the brief reversion

Here’s the team I run Alice in:

Plenty of speed boosts to make good use of her Red Skill, a massive Skill Boost from Kristoff, and durable Shields from Gerald. What more can you ask for?

Healing’s great from the Queen’s Red Skill and Gerald, further boosted by Kida’s Disk on Kristoff

Also, the Mad Hatter helps Alice out with activating her Battle Badge

Not impervious/perfect, but it’s one that I love :blush:

Tired of getting overwhelmed by Animal (Go) teams? Want to fight fire with fire? Then run Alice on a team with your own Animal (Go) - due to her Red Skill, the Speed Boost Animal provides his team will always be stronger than the opposing team’s Animal, thus allowing you to turn tides in your favor

25 + 40 = 65%

What also makes this strategy work so well is that very few people run Alice, and those that do, don’t run her effectively :smirk:

Alice is, and has always been, and always will be my secret-not-so-secret-because-I’m-sharing-this-with-you weapon against Animal teams; always so satisfying whenever I get the drop on teams with newer heroes :grin:

While we’re on the subject of Animal (Go), consider this team:

I hired one of my guild’s maxed out Pocahontases on a whim one time in Surge, and gotta say, I was floored by how wild this was!

Pocahontas’ Red Skill gives a 30% speed boost if there are two or more allies of the same Team (in this case, Alice, Animal, and Fairy Godmother being from Blue, activate this, in turn, also giving Pocahontas the speed boost).

Fairy Godmother’s Maximus Disk increases the speed of all Energized allies by 25%

Paired up with Alice’s maxed Red Skill, the total speed boost is a whopping 135% right off the bat!!!

30 + 40 = 70

25 + 40 = 65

70 + 65 = 135

As if that weren’t enough, my team became even faster due to Animal’s speed boost rate being cranked to 11!

This is the craziest speed team I’ve seen in a while (aside from Shego’s crazy 100%+ speed boost to Yellow team allies)!!!

To add further insult to injury, Fairy Godmother’s Stuns and healing become super crazy—she was constantly Stunlocking the enemy team, while healing and casting her White nonstop, quickly racking up Armor and Reality boosts!!!

This is probably one of the best teams you could run Alice in

Because of the speed shenanigans Alice’s Red Skill provides, you could even run her with Dash to boost his already insane 200% speed boost from his Red Skill (assuming that there’s a higher cap than 200%, of which I’m not too certain about)

I don’t have any specific characters who can take Alice out, aside from those with skills that mess with Energy, and those with skills that target the backline, as with the advent of many toons possessing Shatter and True Damage, and those who are overall powerhouses in general without any proper ACCESSIBLE counters, any character will do

That’s MMOs for you, I guess :yawning_face: :woozy_face: :sneezing_face:

Ending Thoughts

I love the amount of work and details that went into creating Alice, because I remember some of the devs saying she was one of the most challenging characters to design, since they were having issues with her Enormous form

  • Love that too, really fits her and her story very well, what with the whole constantly enlarging and shrinking

Unless you’re a diehard fan like me, are willing to craft a team around her, and are willing to go the extra mile to invest in her (if only to use her as a not so secret counter against Animal and other Speed teams), Alice really isn’t worth your time, as sad as it makes me confess

Despite Alice’s shortcomings and flaws, I still love her :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s to hoping we get Refreshes and new AiW characters soon enough! :sparkling_heart::heart::sparkling_heart:

Thank you and your team for this, @Loutre ! @Polaris !

alice clapping
Phantomwise — 1950s-disney: Alice in Wonderland | 1951




The review itself is very much appreciated, but imo, having multiple GIFs for each skill is a little annoying as it means there’s more to scroll through to get to the actual guides.


It’s been a while! Welcome back @Card_Brigade :grin:

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Thank you for reading, and for the feedback @Myeong !

I do apologize that the GIFS detracted from the experience; I normally don’t do so much, but considering this was a post to celebrate Alice in light of her movie’s 70th anniversary, I wanted to do something special, you know?

Nonetheless, I will make sure that I don’t do that for the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat (and in general, going forward) :blush:

Hi @extraterrestrial , thanks for the warm welcome back :relaxed:


Ah, that makes sense. I appreciate the guide nonetheless!

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Thank you once again for reading! :relaxed:

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