The Reluctant Dragon Concept!

The Reluctant Dragon

Although he may seem big and intimidating, this dragon is quite the bard. He shares his poems with his allies hoping to keep the mood up

“I promise not to rant or roar, and scourge the countryside anymore!”
Role: Support
Position: Middle
Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Plays his flute, sending music notes at an enemy

Entrance: Walks in playing his flute

Victory: Flaps his ears

Defeat: Turns his back towards the enemy team


White Skill: Upside-Down Cake

The Reluctant Dragon pulls out an upside-down cake and flips it several times, flipping all debuffs on his team to buffs and healing all allies with buffs for X HP

Green Skill: Tea Time

At the start of each wave, The Reluctant Dragon pours some tea for his team, healing himself and his allies for X HP over 8 seconds and increasing their Reality by Y.

Blue Skill: Punk Poet

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Each time The Reluctant Dragon receives a debuff, he breathes fire at the enemy who gave him the debuff, dealing X Damage over 11 seconds.

The Reluctant Dragon can use this skill every 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: A Poetic Dragon

At the beginning of each wave, The Reluctant Dragon applies “Poetic” to the front-most ally, including himself. Heroes applied with “Poetic” are healed for 50% more HP and block the first two debuffs applied to them.

This is less effective on allies above level X.

Red Skill: Dragon Bard

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Enemies with buffs damaged by Punk Poet are dealt an additional X damage and have their active buffs removed. The Reluctant Dragon and allies are immune to Damage Over Time skills during the first 7 seconds of each wave.

+X Skill Power
+Y Armor
+Z HP healed from Tea Time


Crazy Talk
The Reluctant Dragon and The Mad Hatter
Increased charm duration

Disk Power

+X Basic Damage


  • Charms dealt by allies last 15% longer
    (Plus 15% per star)

Allies: Captain Amelia, Colette, Shan Yu

Beautiful Bards
The Reluctant Dragon and Belle
Improved Tea Time

Disk Power

+X Basic Damage


  • Tea Time also grants allies 1 stack of Hardy
    (Plus 1 stack per star)

Allies: Mushu, Alice, Baymax


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Where is he from?

The Reluctant Dragon

Is that a short?

No. It’s a full length movie

Do you think it’s at Disney+?

Yes it’s on Disney+

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