The Six-Fingered Dexter

Stanford Pines

“On the dark, weird road I travel, I’m afraid you can not follow. Welp, call me for dinner!”

Stanford uses his inventions and possessions to control enemies on the battlefield.


Trial Team: Blue

Position: Back

Role: Control

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Stanford walks into the battlefield writing in Journal #1. Then, he looks up and puts his journal away

Victory: Stanford takes out his journal and resumes writing

K.O.: Stanford steps back and gasps

Basic Attack: Stanford shoots an enemy with his crossbow, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Experiment 618
:fist: Normal Damage
Stanford takes out his Quantum Destabilizer, and shoots it at the enemy with the “Most Wanted” enemy, dealing Y damage to them and surrounding enemies. Damaged enemies are also stunned for 8 seconds.

If an enemy avoids direct damage or the stun from this skill, Stanford may gain 80% attack speed for 8 seconds for every enemy who avoided the damage or stun.

Attack speed boost may fail if enemies who avoid damage or stun are above level Z.

The enemy dealing the most damage is automatically given the “Most Wanted” status.

Green Skill: Infinite Possibilities
:shield: True Damage
Stanford rolls the infinity-sided die. One of the three listed outcomes may occur:

The “Most Wanted” enemy and 2 other random enemies are stunned for 9 seconds while Stanford gains X basic damage for 13 seconds.

All enemies’ attack speed and movement speed are reduced by 80% for 8 seconds while Stanford gains 70% attack speed for 9 seconds.

All enemies are silenced for 13 seconds while Stanford gains X armor for 13 seconds.

Any outcome results in Z HP being stolen from the “Most Wanted” enemy.

Blue Skill: Making Observations
Stanford takes out his journal and writes down in it, studying all enemies for 9 seconds and gaining 250 energy.

Study may fail on enemies above level Z.

Purple Skill: Metal Plate
Stanford is now immune to disables.

If an enemy attempts to disable him, the disable is instead inflicted on themselves. This may only happen every 5 seconds.

Disable immunity may fail against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: Observing Anomalies
“Infinite Possibilities” now activates 2 outcomes instead of 1.

Whenever a studied enemy gains a temporary buff, Stanford reduces the length of the buff by 40%.

This may fail against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Damage with “Infinite Possibilities”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Stanford Pines - Kevin Flynn
Protecting the Mind
"Infinite Possibilities" Now Applies Buffs to Allies
Allies: Li Shang, Launchpad, Mickey Mouse

  • +Z Max HP to Stanford and allies
  • +Z Skill Power to Stanford and allies
  • Buffs from “Infinite Possibilities” are now granted to all allies.
  • Buffs last 10% longer on allies.

Stanford Pines - Hector Barbossa
Cursed Loot
Basic Attacks now Remove Energy
Allies: Dash, Ursula, Shang

  • +Z Basic Damage
  • Stanford’s basic attacks steal 3 energy from enemies
  • Whenever an enemy is studied, they have a 20% chance to also be sapped for same duration as the study

Hope you liked it!



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Is the title a reference to Dexter’s laboratory?

No. It’s one of his nicknames in the show.

Hand? Hmm? It could be Mother Gothel



Hook-hand?:thinking: Ulf?


(Yes and No)

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It’s the guy that plays the piano

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