The spammer account 'System' is back in Server 9


Perleeeze get them to shut down the account called ‘System’ and get it off Server 9 - It’s nothing but a chat spam bot filling Global Chat with garbage.


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The forum is not for reporting individual players (or bots, as the case may be).

The in-game report feature sends a chatlog to PerBlue support. Which, if the log is some account saying, “Free diamonds at gimmeyourcreditcardinformation dot come” should be pretty clear. Much more clear than having to go in and specifically look up this one player’s chat history.


I reckon it is sort of a virus in game… Hacked by someone to duplicate same message for a amound of time before leaving that account and appearing on another. It isnt affected by Perblues spambot maybe ot waits long enough to not be considered spam?


Luckily I’m not that stupid, and I blocked & reported. Just did this post to try to double down on actions against the bot asap.


Why is my reply flagged? It literally answers the question.