The stamina bar cap needs to be raised

The stamina bar has a cap of the max amount of stamina you can purchase with diamonds which back in the day wasn’t an issue cause the fortify contest was always below that cap threshold but now fortify contests are 3x above that threshold making it almost impossible to get all the milestones rewards unless you spend
especially since stamina isn’t just limited to fortify contests anymore it’s now required in other ones which makes it even difficult for roughly 80% of the player base to even partake let alone make milestones.
Now I get fortify is a spending contest but the rewards given do not justify spending real money for the contest they used to but not anymore.
So @loutre either the max stamina cap needs to be raised so people can buy and store more stamina or the stamina required in fortify contests needs to go back down to a reasonable level.

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As long as people spend money for it, PerBlue doesn’t really have much incentive to change anything. :man_shrugging:

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If that’s the case their casual base will leave in droves cause what’s the fun of a contest in which you can’t even get 1 star

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