The Star-Charmed Wishling (Remastered)


Source: Star Darlings

Role: Support

Position: Middle

“I believe in you, glow for it.”

The Star Darling use her positive wish energy to give her allies some star power.

Entrance: See Shooting Star

Victory: She glows with excitment as she celebrates

Defeat: She shrugs and give a sheepish grin

Basic Attack: Shoots a star bolt

White Skill: Star-Charmed: Through the power of her power crystal, she gives an ally invincibility

Green Skill: Shooting Star: She enters into a shooting star, which blazes through enemies

Blue Skill: Make a Wish: Sage holds up a wish orb, it glistening postive energy gives energy to ally

Purple Skill: Oh My Star!: Make a Wish heals allies



Campaign: Missing Darlings: When the other Star Darlings go missing, Sage and Genie follow the clues to find them.

Disk: Three Wishes: Make a Wish gives three allies a buff


Campaign: Think Positive: When negative wish energy is powering the creeps, Sage and Joy try to give positivity boost to the city.

Disk: Wishful Thinking: Shooting Star gives energy to allies

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