The Steamboat Mouse (Unlikely Concept 8/10)

Steamboat Mickey, :star:, Tank, Frontline.
Team Trials: Red.
Entrance: Steamboat Mickey will simply walk in and tip his hat.
Victory: Steamboat Mickey will chuckle.
Defeat: Steamboat Mickey will look down and sigh.

Basic Attack: Steamboat Mickey will kick an enemy, dealing X damage
White Skill: Cat Fling.
Mickey will grab a cat by the tail and fling it at an enemy, dealing X damage and stunning the enemy for Y seconds.
Green Skill: Quacking Duck.
Mickey will grab a duck and stretch out it’s neck for it to make duck quacks, silencing enemies for Y seconds.
Blue Skill: Pots and Pans.
Mickey will grab some spoons and bang on pots and pans, granting him 1 stack of cool

Purple Skill: Quack, quack, quack!
Quacking duck silences enemies 50% longer.

Red Skill: Pots and Pans are my Jam.
Pots and Pans will grant Mickey 3 stacks of cool instead of 1.

Friendship 1: Steamboat Mickey and Goofy.
Campaign Story: A Goofy Song. “Goofy thinks that Steamboat Mickey should play a song with him, but trouble ruins the song.”
Disk: Take The Wheel.
Mickey will do 50% more damage with Cat Fling.

Friendship 2: Steamboat Mickey and Pete.
Campaign Story: Mortal Enemies. “Pete and Mickey have to team up against the enemies, but they don’t want to team up.”
Disk: Annoying but Cool.
Pots and Pans has a 50% chance of giving 5 stacks of cool.

If you enjoyed, that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why not make a steamboat minnie

i will probably do that

Actually, His name is still mickey. The boats name is steamboat Willie.

I think…

oh. what about steamboat Mickey? lol

But the boat is named Willie, so still steamboat Willie.

I give this a 9/10.
I would do 10/10 but we do have mickey. But you did a really good job.

Can you please say why when you rate them.


Also what does “cool” do?

It Can Be Hardy I Think :thinking:

Love this 9/10

Any reason why?

Why are you asking

because everyone just posts a rating with any reason why. It’s just kinda saying it to say it.

It’s a great short, and this is a great concept. Also but I would only say that this is good, would have been 10/10 if there wasn’t so much animal abuse and Mickey want in the game

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this is an old cartoon, it was made in 1928, what would they know about animal abuse lol

I love how this is one of the reasons.

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