The Sunnyside Tyrant - Lotso(Likely Concept)

Here’s the concept of the poll winner: Lotso! I’ve tried to make his skillset as unique as possible, since there already are some good concepts about him, so I hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to leave any feedback!


Lotso is a 1 Star Frontline Control Hero, whose Trial Team is Blue.

Broken toys tremble before his presence. His strawberry scent can be smelled from miles away, bringing feelings of terror. It’s Lotso, ready to control the battlefield and throw away every broken enemy, leading his allies from the frontline with his charisma and imponence.

“You’ve got a playdate with destiny.”

Mastery Collections: Control, Stun, Healer.
Entrance: Lotso descends from his truck into position.
Victory: Smirks at the enemies and elevates his face.
Defeat: Breaks his cane out of anger.
Basic Attack: Swipes his cane at enemies within melee range.


:white_circle: Stunning Scent :fist: Normal Damage

  • Passive: Every 3 basic attacks, Lotso applies “Broken” to the damaged enemies for 8 seconds. Broken enemies have 8% of the Normal damage they receive dealt as TRUE damage.

  • Active: Lotso shakes his body, releasing the scent from it, which stuns all enemies for 10 seconds. “Broken” enemies also have X damage dealt to them.

:green_circle: Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear :fist: Normal Damage
Lotso hugs the closest enemy tightly, applying “Broken” to them for 10 seconds, dealing X damage, and then pushing that enemy, which knocks them back while also stunning them and the 2 closest enemies for 10 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Piece Replacement
Whenever an enemy is disabled or has “Broken” applied to them, they release Stuffing onto the ground. Once every 8 seconds, Lotso’s Truck collects all the Stuffing on the ground, and applies it to Lotso and his allies, prioritizing the allies with the least HP, and a Maximum of 3 Stuffings can be applied to an ally. Allies are healed for X HP and receive a X Armor Buff per Stuffing that is applied to them. There can be a Maximum of 15 Stuffing on the ground.

:purple_circle: Meant to Be Thrown Away
Whenever an enemy is disabled, they have “Broken” applied to them for 5 seconds. Enemies have a -50% Movement and Attack Speed Debuff while “Broken”.
The Slow is less effective against enemies above level Z.

:red_circle: Sunnyside Tyrant :fist: Normal Damage
Now, each stuffing grants 1 Stack of Hardy to the allies they are applied to.
Whenever an enemy releases more than 4 Stuffing in the span of 5 seconds, they are dealt X Damage over 8 seconds and are Stunned for 5 seconds.
Enemies will now also release Stuffing when they are dealt more than 25% of their Max HP as damage in one hit.

Addiotional Stat Boosts:

  • +Z Skill Power
  • +Z Armor
  • +Z Max HP

X= Skill Power Dependant; Y= Basic Damage Dependant; Z= Level Cap Dependant

Battle Badge

Is Charged In Battle When: Enemies are dealt TRUE damage 5 times.

  • Stat Buff: +X Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: +X Max HP per Blue Team Ally
  • Effect Buff: +50% Attack Speed for 10 seconds.


Lotso + Sadness
Campaign: Getting Over It: Sadness, after hearing Lotso’s backstory, goes after him to comfort him and make he understand his own feelings and find a better way to cope with them.

  • Allies: Fear, Anger, Disgust.
  • Disk Name: A Warm, Blue Hug
  • Level Effect: +X Reality to Lotso; -X Armor to Broken enemies.
  • Star Effect: “Broken” enemies have a DoT effect of 3%(+3% per star) of their Max HP per second while Broken. “Broken” enemies lose -3%(-3% per star) of their Armor for 10 seconds when they release Stuffing.

Lotso + Buzz Lightyear
Campaign: Under Watch: Buzz cannot let Lotso roam free in the City, so he grants that he will be in constant watch. Lotso, on the other hand, is trying to get rid of or find a way to conceal his strawberry scent so that he isn’t so easily tracked.

  • Allies: Nick Wilde, Woody, Gizmoduck.
  • Disk Name: Anti-Scent Stuffing
  • Level Effect: +X Skill Power; -10% Tenacity and Evasion to enemies whenever they lose Stuffing. Can Stack up to 5 times and lasts 10 seconds.
  • Star Effect: Lotso’s Truck also Stuns enemies for 2(+1 per star) seconds when it passes to collect Stuffing, and it also extends the length of all debuffs they have by 1(+1 per star) second(s) when it passes through them.

Which Disk Would You Use?
  • Sadness
  • Buzz

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Good concept :+1:
Idk why it’s not a png


I’ve tried to post pngs here in the foruns before, but it always went wrong. Apparently you have to cut the background

Yeah. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’y :man_shrugging:
I can never figure out why.

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