The Tank Gang (Finding Dory Hero Concept)

The Tank Gang

Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, Gurgle, Deb, Peach, and Jacques are the Tank Gang, and they’ve brought something useful to fend off those nasty creeps: turn on the Ring of Fire!
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Fish aren’t meant to be in a box, kid. It does things to you.”

Entrance: the Tank Gang nudge the tank into the battlefield.
Victory: the Tank Gang cheers as Bubbles triggers his bubble chest.
KO: the Tank Gang’s tank turns green as it suddenly dirties.

Basic Attack: the Tank Gang shoots Gill at enemies using the volcano. Gill will then bounce off an enemy and land back inside the tank.

White Skill - Ring of Fire (Normal Damage)
the Tank Gang shoots Gill at an enemy using the volcano, sending him ricocheting off each enemy and making them Soaked. Each Soaked enemy has their attack speed slowed by 20% for 4 seconds.

Green Skill - Decontamination
Jacques leaps from the tank to clean the weakest ally, granting them X additional HP or X additional energy. Each time Jacques cleans an ally, the reward alternates.

Blue Skill - Puffed Up
Bloat becomes angry and inflates for 7 seconds. Until deflation, the Tank Gang remains immune to disables.

Purple Skill - AquaScum 2003
Each time the Tank Gang reach half their HP, they use the AquaScum 2003 to cleanse all disables from allies, including Soaked, and grants them all X HP.

Red Skill - Fool-Proof
Every second while an enemy is Soaked, the Tank Gang heals themselves by 35% and increases their armor by X.

the Tank Gang + Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo
Campaign: Sharkbait’s Back - Relieved to see Nemo again, Gill invites him, as well as Marlin and Gerald, to see how things have changed in Mount Wannahockaloogie since they last crossed paths.
Disk: Friendly Tankhood
Disk Memory: The reward Jacques grants an ally he cleaned is increased by 20%.
Disk Power: Z reality, Z Green Skill power

the Tank Gang + Davy Jones
Campaign: A Different Kind of Locker - Davy Jones introduces the Tank Gang to his crew aboard the Flying Dutchman.
Disk: Proper Reception
Disk Memory: The slowness in each Soaked enemy’s attack speed is increased by 15%.
Disk Power: Z HP gain


That seems a bit excessive for a basic attack and it would be impractical as Gill would have to somehow return to the tank each time.

They aren’t variables… they should be whole numbers. A more fitting variable would be dealing X damage with each hit.

Again, not a variable… make that a number.

Not a variable. Maybe the Tank Gang could gain X Max HP while Bloat is inflated.

Missing a variable.

You don’t need to state that… it’s already implied.

Reword this to ‘Every second while an enemy is Soaked’ otherwise it sounds like an enemy is being soaked every second.

What does that mean? Either make it a whole number percentage or leave it just as X.

To or by. The former makes no sense as it’s possible that they would already be above the armour amount so the latter makes more sense here.

Use a whole number

Shield power :confused:… do you mean Skill Power?

Use a whole number

As in Max HP?


I think you were right. I think we use variables and numbers

I was taught that you have to replace any number with an X. That way, it doesn’t force the topic into being official.

Who told you that?

Variable numbers that change each level should be an X but numbers that are set, like the duration of a disable, etc. should be an actual number.


Noted. I’ll keep that in mind for future hero concepts. Thanks.

This is a very interesting and unique concept. I think the tank gang would make a great addition to the roster. Just as long as Disney and Preblue actually has them in the tank and not in plastic bags like at the end of the movie, otherwise it wouldn’t feel right.

Also, I always thought the seastar’s name was Pearl, not Peach.

Can you please stop reviving old concepts. If you want to show your appreciation then simply liking it will suffice, or if you must make a comment then please do it via a PM.


Is it such a bad thing that I’m talking about this concept?

It’s more of a bad thing that you’re reviving topics


In theory, no. There’s nothing against it in the forum rules but it can be a bit frustrating when you suddenly have an unread topic that has been dead for over a year. You’re welcome to talk about concepts but unfortunately you missed the ‘lifespan’ of this one so it comes off as a bit selfish that you’ve gone out of the way to try and revive a long-dead topic just because you like it.

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