The time has come...we can change our Profile Photos!

It has finally happened! We can change our profile photos on the forums! This comes with what looks like a forum update which looks really good actually. Thanks for the work You guys put in @Polaris says thanks for the players please :slight_smile:


Yes it’s amazing news I love it! Like my new Avatar… Oh wait I always used this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yay! Just sad they don’t have all avatars, since i would like to have this one !


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I personally was always waiting for me to be able to get the stitch avatar

And you changed your name to go with it!
It’s very close to TMS’s profile


We can change our avatars! But I won’t be changing mine!

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I wanted to fit my favorite holiday theme!

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You also have Stitch avatar now. Do you deserve to have.

To have what

Don’t deserve to have the avatar.

I can have whatever avatar I want bro

You try to be like TMS?

No. I just love Stitch. Geez you judge me a lot man

You just judge @CaptainAmerica02 for love a character and now you say you love one. Hypocritical.

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