The ultimate Team for Red Invasion

This is the ultimate team for red invasion.

Angel(stitch), Stitch(Maui), Manticore(Mushu), Kevin & Russel(any), Goofy(Mickey).

This team will always defeat a mama bot in 5 seconds “IF” Kevin & Russel’s blue skill is high enough to cause shatter.

Enjoy. :yum:

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IF you spend a lot hours to get 10000 power-ups.
So no, nothing got improved.

Gizmo line is still better.

It’s the exact same thing - both need powerups

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Gizmo line is still better

I’ve used both lines and can say that Kevin / manticor do it better.

Pleakly / gizmo line can’t finish mama bot fights within 5 seconds every time whereas russel / manticore can.

You could add more Fantastic DoT to do it even faster

Or just raid the bot… :confused:

Everyone suggests Russell/Manticore but they don’t realize Russell/Zurg is better :confused:

I’m curious to see whether this is still true after the next patch notes (this Friday?).

Ah well, worst case scenario is returning to the Gizmoduck line, which works something like 90-95% of the time for me.

Well It works same as Gizmo.

  • Both need powerups
  • you need to spend time to get power ups.
  • both have mama killing skills that are level dependent

Exactly. With Russell it’s just faster if you play manually

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What’s the combination for current invasion to raid the bot…

I posted a vid on youtube showing how powerful manticore is with russel on red invasion.

No matter how you look at it, pleakly and gizmo can not match up to their desructive force during invasion. Be it normal fights or quick fights, they do it faster.

Show me gizmo and pleakly besting 3k bot just them 2 with just a slow boost.

Yikes… it’s bugged :grimacing:

How??? :eyes:
(10 bug characters)

Look at Russell’s blue skill

Skills that deal damage over time can only trigger Shatter once per second at max. Shatter has a chance to not be applied to enemies above Level X.

The damage rate is not once per second

Well Like i said, pleakly and gizmo cant touch them. :yum:


Nice, now pb can see this and put a cap on their blue skill


Maybe they already plan to do this like they did Wasabi
The mystery continues…

At least we’ll still have Monday of next red invasion to have fun with Russell & Kevin, since we won’t be getting an update before that Tuesday.

It do be exactly same time… :confused:

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