The Untouchables are Recruiting from Server 18!

Hello people from Server 18!

Join The Mighty Untouchables! We’re seeking more active and chill players who are willing to have FUN! We’re extreme active in war, surge, and invasion! We got some pro players in the guild willing to help any members who are seeking help to improve their heroes. The guild chat is usually full of chatty peeps! We value communication and involvement! We want everyone to have fun! Extreme activeness not required. Seven days unannounced will be kicked off. When you give us a heads up that you would be inactive more than seven days, we won’t kick you out! So lots of fun perks and features! Promote to Veteran instantly! Level 50 and up welcome! We’re top 130! So come and apply today if you’re in server 18 looking for an active guild! Have questions? Just ask here!

Open for Christians or anyone seeking for a Christian guild!

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