The vampire cat (Tim Burton concept #6)

Mr. Whiskers hero concept
the demonic feline Dracula flies into battle ready for a attack of doom
Quote: “Meow

Role: damage

Position: frontline

Team: blue

Basic attack: swats enemy with claw

Entrance: mr. Whiskers walks into battle but then transforms into the vampire cat

Defeat: is struck by lightning and starts shaking and explodes in a cloud of smoke.


White skill: drag of death
Whiskers jumps up and drags a creep back to his spot. A bunch of wood on fire falls on the creep dealing Y damage per second and making them stay there for 13 seconds.

Green skill: physic droppings
Whiskers flies into the sky and grabs a wrapping and drops it near a creep, the first creep to walk on it will be stunned and will be the next to die if another creep dies.

Blue skill: a shocking surprise
Whiskers flies into a creep and bites them, the creep then is struck by lightning and it turns into the vampire cat, this will happen twice in one battle. The creep (now a cat) will be the vampire cat the whole game and be the exact same as whiskers.

Purple skill: freaky fiend
Whiskers will cough up a hair all and eat it (gross) which will revive him at 80% health

Red skill: demon of cats
Each time Mr. whiskers deals damage to an enemy, she gains 30% of the damage dealt as HP.

Whiskers will now also give a health buff for all allies at 5% health

This skill is less effective against enemies above level 205.


Disk: zombie pets
All damage whiskers deals will deal Y times more damage
Allies: kermit, grievous, Alice

Disk: enemies of allies
All control, damage, and tank creeps will be sapped
Allies: crazy Harry, big bad wolf, Minnie


Please post all feedback

Sorry he came a little late, I had a lot going on :no_mouth::sweat_smile:

Nice Concept GRIM!

These skills don’t have variables

How long is the sap?

Also missing additional stat boosts for red skill and disks

This concept seems very OP so I suggest nerfing him a bit

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Chess is incredibly op and he hasn’t been nerfed

I purposely did that

I don’t think purples need variables since it is a revive, the blue skill doesn’t need one either since it doesn’t take away health of necessarily kill anyone, same with green skill

Every skill has to have a variable, there is then no point to leveling and maxing it out.


Can’t argue wit dat lol

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