The Verdict on Roger Rabbit

Of all the character already in the game and what a bunch of forumers are wishing for, some Disney are unable to get in the game. The most popular of these are Tarzan, Mary Poppins, Marvel and Star Wars characters. They are unable to get in because of lisencing problems. But there is one character i am very curious about…

Roger Rabbit

He has been requested a few times and i’m not quite sure he falls in the same situation as the ones i mentioned above. What do you think? Does Roger have a chance to get in the game?


I don’t know… I think though that he is a bit too innapropriate for the audience of the game…

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So is Pirates of the Caribbean and yet here they are.


Ahem, it’s because they don’t fit in the game. And, it’s Disney and Pixar.

Eh, I don’t know much about Roger Rabbit, so idk.


Roger Rabbit would be amazing!
Hope to see him one day.

? They do… it’s just licenses.


Don’t remind me :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


POTC is for a older audience, yes but it fits within the theme of the game and they are movies with good themes in them, deep down. And they are immensely popular movies and they belong to a huge franchise that’s made a ton of money.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is not so popular among young people nowadays so…yeah, I can’t see him getting in any time soon. He’s hardly in anything else so I can’t see him being here.


Neither are Gargoyles, Rocketeer… and some more.


Gargoyles has a big following though through the Disney Afternoon franchise.

People know it through the DuckTales reboot. Kids also may know Rocketeer through the Disney Junior show. Or maybe comic book fans would since he is kind of a superhero.


Is it nowadays thing? No.

If they don’t know Gargoyles that one reference won’t be recognised as well…

It doesn’t seem to be even popular.
That and the movie has almost nothing in common.
The target of this game aren’t small kids which watch Disney Junior.

And this does… what. Nothing.


Honestly I agree The Rocketeer isn’t as popular as it was (I personally think it was good) but Gargoyles has a much bigger franchise/fanbase than Roger Rabbit…

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Si lo meterán ya que en Disney Sorcers Arena ya lo metieron así que pues puede llegar a Disney Héroes

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Well, the movie is kinda PG, so I think that might count.

Heck yeah i want roger and jessica rabbit in game , toss in judge doom, eddie valliant and benny the car too.

Rocketeer is quite violent and dark, the villains were naz*

If rocketeer can get then roger can too.

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