The Waistband Warrior

Don’t tell me that this character is banned, tq.

Captain Underpants

As Mr. Benjamin Krupp being a mean principal, by a snap, he turns into a wedgie fighting machine.

1 :star:red, Front-line Tank, Red Team

Entrance: Walks in as Mr. Krupp, then checks his mail and hears a snap, turning into Captain Underpants. See more on Blue Skill.
Trivia: this is how Mr. Krupp looks like
Victory: He dances
Defeat: A sprinkler shoots him and goes back old mean Mr. Krupp.
Basic Attack: Throws a wedgie at a random enemy, dealing damage to them.

White Skill: Unlimited Underpants :sparkles:
Captain Underpants gets a giant wedgie out of his underpants and wedgies the target enemy chosen by the player, if the battle is on auto, wedgies the enemy with the highest evasion. The enemy being wedgied cannot do any attack for 5 seconds, while an enemy is wedgied, he increases his armor and reality by X.

Green Skill: Wedgie Punch (seriously, clearly a :punch:)
Punches a random enemy, dealing damage to them and gaining a shield that lasts 6 seconds, this skill cannot be used again until the shield wears off.

Blue Skill: Childish Schold :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, he turns back into Mr. Krupp, then scholds all enemies, dealing damage to all enemies, then turns into Captain Underpants.

Purple Skill: Wedgie Power
He increases he and his allies Attack, Armor, Speed, Evasion, Tenacity, Crit Chance and Max HP each time Unlimited Underpants is triggered.

Red Skill: To Save The Day
Whenever a shield is gained, increase his attack and speed for the rest of the battle and he does damage over time for 6 seconds for each attack he does until the shield is off.

+X Attack
+X Skill Power
+X Armor


Captain Underpants/ Jack- Jack
Campaign: Hero-sitting
Allies: Mr. Incredible, Goofy, Ariel
Disk: Bottle in the Wedgie
Disk Effect: Increased Attack for Childish Schold
+X Speed
+X Attack
+X Reality

Captain Underpants/ Super Rabbit
Campaign: Fight Together
Allies: Minnie, Raya, Flik
Disk: Boosted Super Carrot
Disk Effect: At the start of each wave, gains a shield that lasts 3 seconds, if added a star, + 0.5 seconds
+X Armor
+X Evasion
+X Reality

Battle Badge
Charge Condition: Heroes use Blue Skill
Stat Buff: + Evasion
Lineup Buff: + Attack dealt for Childish Scholds
Effect Buff: Team Shield

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