The wicked stepmother concept (lady termaine)

Lady Tremaine


Lady tremaine is a front line control hero
Her chips will be available only in diamond crates

Quote : “I daresay no one in the kingdom will outshine my daughters"


white skill


Lady tremaine calls her daughters , Anastasia & drizella to walk proudly through enemies.
First drizella walks and remove 5 buff from enemies and give it all to her mother, shortly after Anastasia comes and deals damage to them and giving all the damage dealted as a heath to lady termaine.

Green skill

Glass slipper

Lady termaine brings Cinderella glass slipper and throw it to an enemy , stunning them , the shoe breakz and the glass splinters hit the nearby enemies damaging them and slow their basic attacks.

Blue skill

Ungrateful wretch !

Lady terminate hits enemies in front of her with her staff hardly , stunning them beside of huge damage .

Purple skill


Whenever lady termaine receivs a debuff from an enemy she dodges it and punish the enemy .
Granting enemy a stack of “punishment”.
Lady tremaine deals more damage to enemies with stack of punishment with her skills and basic attacks.

Red skill

the wicked stepmother

Each stack of punishment increase duration of stuns by 2 secs.
Lady tremaine gets 50 energy when she damages the marked enemies.


Lady termaine & maleficnet
Lady termiane & madam mim

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Please, this is a terrible way to get her chips

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Ok , I will change it

Nice work!

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This could be very likely around Halloween

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