The Wish Crate, who did you pick?

I chose Bo Peep because I like her and yeah I got the Jackpot. I know she isnt good, but like I like Bo Peep

I picked Fairy Godmother since she was the only offered hero I didn’t have. Failed to acquire.

I chose fairy godmother got 70 chips then looked at what I could get and I saw Randall who ive wanted for so long

Me too. I actually invested in him for a short period when it first came out. Then it changed to Maximus. I saw Carl, seems like a good hero to use. So I decided to hunt for his chips now.

Robin Hood is my best hero, but I’d been unable to level up his red skill for a while, since I had tons of skill chips for him, but not enough hero chips. So, with the 300 chips I got from that crate, problem solved!

I got the jackpot for That Green Inside Out

… Disgust?

Yes. I meant her. Got 300 chips from the free crate.

I picked Kermit. Idk how many chips I got I think 60. Oh yeah first post for this account. Hi community! I Will sometimes post memes in meme center. Think of a noob in DHBM joining the forums for the first time. That’s kinda me.

Still like a month later I still don’t have Randall the wish crate is gone I think we need the wish crate back with a lower price and a larger chance to get the hero chips. So that people don’t spend there diamonds that they saved up or in my case the diamonds I worked for. I worked for 2 in real life days 2 DAYS. I think that before it was just a cash grab. As I have gotten older I have gotten smarter and I have worked and worked and worked and now I am almost poor because just a month ago my family lost over a thousand dollars and I was just so sad I just couldn’t be happy for the next month now I am super sad almost depressed and I just need help and I feel like dying.

They probably just got rid of it because they realized it was such a bad idea

They said when they announced the Wish Crate that they wanted to eventually make it a permanent feature, so I doubt that. If they did get rid of it, they probably would’ve said something about it.


Donald Duck and I received 45 Donald Duck chips

I choose drakken. I unlocked him

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