The Wish Crate, who did you pick?

Who did you guys pick out of the Wish Crate? Did you get them? Did you get their skill chips?

Me: I chose Fairy Godmother. I unlocked her. I got TWO HUNDRED SKILL CHIPS.


Since I have a hella lot of 10x diamond crate items, I chose Honey Lemon.

And got 300 chips for her

I have Honey Lemon at 5* but that’s from Guild Crate.

now my honey lemon is 5 star just like yours! :open_mouth:

I choose Fairy godmother

Me too! Did you get her? I did.

Choose Mr. Big and got 600 chips Also 294 red skill was soooo cool :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had to work my head off to get him in Black Market.

Why the Wish Crate costs 1k diamonds

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I’m really sad though about the fact my little brother literally got NOTHING. NOTHING. He didn’t tell me who he went for but the crate gave him no one.

Bc you pick the hero?

No, because of the immense rewards

I chose dash, and other than 70 chips for him, I didn’t get very good rewards

Another thing…

I got 2 “Sandy Claws Lantern” badges for Dash. This is only used by Dash at P2, but my dash is at O0, awkward…

Yes I got from the war crate

I chose Drakken.

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I chose Tron, got 60 hero chips and 22 red skill chip crates. But didn’t get any Tron chip in these

I chose T&P. The gold and other materials have helped me get them higher. Really good.

I picked Ian. I got 40 RS crates, like 60 chips, and some other stuff.


I pick Simba and Nala because I need chips for them and there my best hero

I picked Jim and got jackpot 300 chips. I am satisfied.

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