Theory about tv characters in game

So we all know about Kim Possible who is gonna come. And I have a theory about the tv characters. So we stared with a bunch of ducks (darkwing, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Donald, gizmo, scrooge, magica, and launchpad) and then we got Goliath which all of the characters were from the Disney afternoon. We haven’t gotten anyone from the da since like May, but the latest character from a tv show was from the early 2000s, angel. If my theory is correct we should go a few months without a character from a tv show and they may be from the lilo and and stitch show or a certain kp.

No offense but this is hardly a theory.


Lol I forgot the entire theory part, it’s basically just going in a time line with da first then early 2000s then to late 2000s then modern stuff (phineas and Ferb, owl house, amphibia, big city greens, etc)

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