Things You Might Not Know


Maximum Stamina - It caps out at 999! While it doesn’t seem like this is useful information, it can be helpful if you plan on taking a shot at being high ranking in contest. Sometimes, a 70% increased stamina buy will take place before an event, allowing you to plan around this fact the day before.

Friend Campaign - Surprisingly, these weren’t all meant to be beaten. Depending on your maximum level set by your server can determine whether or not a friendship is beatable at all (or at least near impossible).

City Watch - The reason you see so many of the same heros on teams you fight is because those enemies are actually arena teams. So seeing all of those Sullies, Tia Dalmas, Calhouns, Judy Hopps, and Zergs shouldn’t feel like the game is out to get you now.

Upgrading Can Hurt You - When upgrading your characters through badges, you can actually go down in power. The reason this happens is due to enhanced badges not being available to upgrade. So just be sure before you upgrade a character that you have at least a few badges available for the next promotion.

Character Bit Surplus Uses - If you’re low enough in level, you might not have this problem, but as you advance, you might have a character reach five stars. If that happens, you’re bound to get more bits for that character at some point. Doing friend missions, options for memories will become available at a Lv 13 friendship for the counterpart on that friendship. At a Lv 15 friendship, you can start getting rid of that character’s excess own bits for a greatly reduced mission time (10 hours down from a day+) and more memories.

Hope this was informative and if you have any other fun facts about the game, please share.


To clarify 1 point, stamina doesn’t cap at 999, you just can’t buy more than 999. If you are at that amount and receive daily free stamina, you can go over 1000.


Maximum stamina fact was useful…thanks!