Third Friendship

If any hero had to gave a third friendship, who would it be and why?

One of the third friendships I want to happen is nick wilde and elsa.

I can see his elsa disc allowing his basic attack and shuriken pop freezing enemies. But also realizing that they have something in common. They both had a time in their childhood when it scarred them for life.

Am I the only one who sees a potential friendship between these two?

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I remember you saying their friendship in my opinion quiz. Out of curiosity, why do you think Nick and Elsa should be friends?

One time, I watched both frozen and zootopia, after watching the two movies, I noticed that nick and elsa are quite similar.

They both had a tragic childhood. Elsa was scared of hurting others with her powers. And Nick was bullied by other prey, simply for being a fox.

After watching the two movies and when Elsa was introduced to the game, I was hoping she would have a friendship with Nick. I could definitely see a dialogue were they each explained their scar of their childhood.

Since then, I wanted to keep the two as some of my most powerful of all. Both for a possible friendship and work well together in the game.

Scar and Bogo :grin:
Scar should be wondering why bull who just eat grass in Scar’s world now fighting with shield :sweat_smile:

Three friend. Two hard enough

Relax, it’s just a imagine

Moreover @Leaf said that they won’t add third friendship

Finnick and Frozone/Elsa.

His Massive popsicle stick starts to melt, and they help him out… :grin:

I think it will be perfect for Gizmoduck to have a third friendship with Darkwing or Baymax. This is because that Gizmo and DW are both rivals and Gizmo and Baymax have a lot in common.

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