This game is in desperate need of new modes

This game is in desperate need of some new game modes, both PvP and PvE. Instead of just releasing a ton of new heroes every other week, come up with some new game modes of features we can at with. Just adding new heroes ain’t it. At this point, the game is just a “gotta catch em all” Pokemon type of game. New heroes are already coming out too often, making older heroes obsolete and meanwhile we can’t keep up maxing out these new heroes before newer ones come out, so constantly just calling further and further behind


Welcome to the forums. I think they should improve existing game modes before releasing something new. Do you have any ideas for what the game modes could be?


Well yeah, invasion definitely needs improvement, rewards are not good enough for all the work you have to put in. Don’t have any ideas for new game modes as of now, but they definitely need something. Maybe looking at other games for inspiration?


Yes would love some new game modes

  • Mode were you are restricted to using certain heroes like they are doing in challenges sometime (Using only Tanks heroes, using only incredible heroes etc) maybe a tower event this could be used in

some sort of conquest mode

  • 3-4 guilds do battle
  • Have to defend a certain amount of points/nodes which has 10 defence teams in each, you can mix and match defence team a member can have more than 3 defence teams and defending different points/ nodes
  • you can reclaim lost points and add new defences to it
  • team with the most points at the end wins

There is 2 modes I can think off


sounds like a good idea. they could use some kind of endless tower you can climb up for rewards, like many other idle games have (like AFK Arena for example).

Game needs something, because at the moment, its pretty much just a “gotta catch em all” pokemon type of game, where they spend all their time releasing new heroes every other week, flooding the game with too many heroes that you never have time to level and max out before new ones come out so you constantly fall behind and then older heroes become weak and obsolete.

make some new game modes that makes use of those older (outdated) heroes etc.
game just feels super dead at the moment


btw, does PerBlue even read here? or am I wasting my breath?

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I was just mentioning this in global. I agree The game is in serious need of AT LEAST one more game mode. There is far too much downtime between chapters and daily quests. Especially for new players who haven’t even unlocked Invasion, there isn’t very much to do at all.

The Tower concept is good, and is in many games much like this one. It would add another challenge at the very least.

They have tried with collections and masteries, but nothing truly engaging. I also agree Invasion is in dire need of a rework.

What is TRULY lacking in this game is a rotation of events. Not “contests” that basically just require the spending of resources for rewards, but game modes that offer a different feel each week.

This game needs something. It’s been two years.


I agree, but it would have to be free (no spending stamina or other things like that) and have truly good rewards. I would especially love it if they gave mods and mod upgrades/fragments as rewards. Invasion is just so difficult for newer players to do. Another way to do it would be to revamp Invasion by a lot! I have a few ideas for an invasion revamp that I may make a topic about, but we will see.


Maybe they could do 3 towers, one for hero chips, one for XP and gold, one for mods

I was thinking that it would have levels where you get options for rewards, but the choices are always consistent. Then you also get additional rewards when you reach certain milestones.

Like the diamond crate upgrades?

No like in the war crates where you get choices but the rewards are better and do not rotate.

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yeah, the “contests” are basically just “whoever spends the most $$$$, wins it”
its pretty trash, honestly. it just puts the pay2win players even further ahead than they already are.
game should just have regular events like other games in the genre instead

I like seeing new heroes (but not OP)
And I am also waiting new game mode!!!
How about Castle defense mode ?

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