This game much lagging. Bug?

Hello Perblue, I feel the experience of playing this game is so bad with phone 2GB ram, and 16 GB rom. Why, I think this game is so much lag than before, I played this game by getting an average FPS15 when in home, and 10-5 FPS during battle.
Before update 2.1 came, I played this game with a good performance by getting an average FPS 30-35 at home, and 30-20 FPS during battle (If there are lots of particles, of course it will drop to 10).
I played other games on the same device, like Minecraft, Mobile legends, and Mindustry so much better than this game.
The details are below.

  1. Minecart with 60 FPS at home, and average 30 in game.
  2. Mobile legends with 30 FPS at lobby, and average 25-20 FPS in battle(if pvp happen, the FPS will drop to 20-15).
  3. Mindustry with 30 FPS at home, and in game(If there are lots of particles, of course it will drop to 10-5).

BTW, I playing this game on phone with 3 GB ram, and 32 rom is so much batter.
That’s all I want to say, I don’t know if this is really a bug, or my phone is performing badly.
Sorry for typo, and mentioned another game, because just to comparison it to this game.

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