This getting out of hand

Edit: This wasn’t meant to be offensive I’m sorry if It Offended anyone.

Upstanding forumers are being forced out of topics for 2 major reasons:

  1. PB can’t handle the spam properly and can’t elect moderators
  2. Regulars take it upon themselves to STILL BE MODERATORS and take topics for hours and in some cases days at a time.

It’s not my fault this spammer showed up and yet 11 Regulars, yes I checked 11 Regulars decided to take it upon themselves to move the topic. PB doesn’t do do anything about forumers unless they tell you they are a Nazi (That did happened and they got their account deleted).

We used to let it get closed for 4 hours for to much flagging. How is that worse then putting it in the lounge for 8 hours or even 3 days, and not saying anything while in the lounge?

Please don’t see this only as me complaining because I lost my Regular status. I care about everyone on the forum, and it’s not right to selfishly move a thread to the Lounge.


To be fair, it’s the only way to stop spam while Polaris is offline…


Indeed. Otherwise the Spammers would go on till Polaris comes online…

How is it selfish to take precautions against future spam? I understand that you’re frustrated but this is not the fault of Regulars.


Well Moving to Lounge is Perfect to handle spammers, Though Some start replying the Spammers.
Please Just Flag and Ignore


Agreed. Wait to speak on a thread if there is spam. Flag and ignore is the best course of action - always. We know this. I know it is hard, but there are ways to still talk about things you want to talk about.

While I’m sorry if I offended anyone

No one answered this.

Thing is the system would close threads for more than 4 hours…

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I think putting it in the lounge is safer than being closed by the system. If spammers know when to return to shut down the thread again then it’s just a constant cycle whereas hiding it away for an undisclosed amount of time not only removes that thread from the sight of the spammer but also prevents them from having a time to return

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