This is a good team on my server (21)But I would like to hear other opinions on it

It won’t let me post a photo of it but I will just list the characters,Gerald,angel, disgust,sadness,mushu

I figured it out lol

Are you on iOS? I am on iOS and I cannot open the game.

The game is being fix (server 1)

Are they doing server by server? I am in the twenties of servers, I forget which one tho. When I hit the app, it just turns black for a second, then closes.

How was someone able to get a 6 star wasabi already? He comes out of the box at 1 star when I got him yesterday.

Yeah he just came in and someone got him to more than one star.

Lots and lots of Diamond Crates and/or Black Market refreshes.

Wait, they go higher than 5 stars? Not on my server I don’t think

he is not 6 stars, they make the new characters available at most for tests in the chat, you can see by the icon there

Yes, 6 stars is the maximum number of stars on any server

I’m on that server too, it’s a silent team right? I really like this type of combination, mainly because Mushu does more damage to silenced enemies, he with Disgust is perfect, great team!

Well, I cannot check because I am logged out.

The game was supposed to be back up and running, hasn’t it?

No, I cannot enter

You are seeing a spar version. All new toons are available for a few days at max level, rank, and stars for spars

Me too (10 characters)

No, there was a problem in server 1.
When the update was completed, the game wouldn’t opened.

On a different server where that is a problem as well

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