This is normal?

I was improving my louie to r1, I put all the badges and improved them, he got 101k of power, so when I promoted him his power went back to 95k of power, is this normal or a bug?

If you enhanced badges in him before the promotion, it´s not a bug.

Maybe you upgraded his badges? As far as I’m aware the hero loses the upgrade bonus when they are promoted

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Yes, I improved it, I didn’t know the power would come back, thank you

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As mentioned above - only Base Stats of badges are carried over to the new rank when you promote. The Enhanced Stats are lost - this is why overall power can go down. Were you to equip & enhance the new badges, it would be higher than before.

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The lower ranks the decrease from promoting seems to me more. When you get in to yellows it seems like the enhanced badges power to no badges on the next rank seems almost the same

it’s similar, just not so easy to spot the difference at higher power when it’s measured in Millions rather than Hundreds or Thousands :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference has been less since the update that changed how hero power was calculated, and set all badges of each rank to the same (rather than eg. a HP badge giving a huge amount of power)

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