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Very good concept, just have some suggestions:

I would rename the red skill to avoid repetition, you don’t have to

Another thing about his Red Skill:

This is underwhelming for a red skill, so stun should not fail, and to ensure a variable, every four basic attacks will deal X extra damage

Blue Skill should instead have a reduced effect (both attack speed and reality increase) instead of a fail chance.

These are just what I would do to make this better :slight_smile:

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Thx for the feedback I would really appreciate it

Edit: The quote that I keep repeating can’t have to be renamed since it can be named for anything like titles, quote description and even skill name.

No, you shouldn’t, it’s a skill name. Also, you just quoted the same to seem like it was repeated.

The level restrictions work. And, it doesn’t have to be so complex.

It can still fail.


The concept in format is good, bit I do have some problems. Some small ones and some in the execution of skills.

If this is already the quote, it shouldn’t be in the description as well.

Eehhhh. How is this possible? Without water?

Only during the speech? Seems a bit weak and coincidental. Maybe extend to the whole battle? If ally dodges, increased armor and reality for rest of the wave.

The water pond will follow him like a shadow

This is going to be amazing Disney plz add him

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Updated the friendship for the friendship campaign (coming soon)

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