Thomas O'Malley

Thomas O’Malley

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: A tree branch with Thomas lying on it appears on the top of the screen from which he jumps out into his battle position.
Victory: Thomas dances.
Defeat: Thomas sits on the ground and gets sad.

Quote: “Leave the rest to J. Thomas O’Malley.”

Basic attack: Thomas attacks nearest enemies with his paw

White skill: Everyone Wants To Be a Cat! :sparkles:
A Piano falls on enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 8 seconds. Then the Alley Cats play music for the next 8 seconds, increasing the attack speed of Thomas and allies by 200%, healing X HP every second, and applying 1 Hardy stack every second.

Green skill: Jump In :fist:
Thomas jumps into the middle of enemies and screech at them, dealing X damage to all enemies and scaring them for 12 seconds, and increasing his own Basic Damage by X for the remainder of the wave, stacking with each use. Thomas then returns to his previous place.

Blue skill: Easy Going
Thomas and his allies have a 50% chance to block a debuff with Hardy stacks without losing it.

When it happens the ally which avoided the Hardy stack lose heals X HP.

Purple skill: Cat Music
After 2 seconds of the wave, a random ally including Thomas gains 2000 energy.

Thomas and his allies block 100% of the True Damage and heal themselves equal to the blocked damage for 3 seconds after an ally including Thomas uses their White Skill.

The True Damage block has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red skill: Jazz On
While the Alley Cats are playing music from “Everyone Wants To Be a Cat!” ally’s skill cooldowns are reduced by 50%.

Thomas and his allies heal X HP whenever they damage an enemy and extend their active buffs duration by 0.3 seconds, up to 3 seconds per buff.

The extended buff duration has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Tenacity
+X Heal to ‘‘Easy Going’’


Baloo : New Sounds
Thomas and Baloo decide to organize a music festival in the City, unfortunately, they can’t decide the theme of the festival so they ask other heroes whose music is better.

Energy from Music

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • Thomas and allies gain X Armor and Reality while “Everyone Wants To Be a Cat!” is active
  • Thomas and allies gain 35 energy every second while “Everyone Wants To Be a Cat!” is active (+35 energy per star)

Kermit : Cat Guests
Kermit guests Thomas, Scat Cat and other Alley Cats as special guests for the night show, everything goes well until creeps attack and ruins the show, The Muppets and The cats team up to fight off the creeps.

Increased Team Crit Chance

  • +X BD to Thomas and allies
  • Enemies lose X Armor and Reality
  • Thomas and allies gain 10 Normal Crit (+10 per star)
  • Thomas and allies gain 12 Fantastic Crit (+12 per star)

Looks a bit too strong. No one else has the ability to give party-wide immunity to any single damage type outside of, like, Invincibility (which can be stolen, removed, or prevented entirely).

50% would be much more reasonable.

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Fear + AAA and crits deals 0
And it’s only after a use if active, just disable Thomas’ side and the reduction is gone, not to mention normal and fantastic hits will still be unchanged, and they are more common.

Ariel already does 75%, 50% is downgrade.

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